Help with possums, please

thonotoroseOctober 5, 2011

We have possums under our mobile home and have evidence that they enter the house beneath the floorboards in the winter. Have you had experience with this issue? I suspect that they will need to be trapped or poisoned.

We know their entry hole and plan to close it up after we have resolved the problem.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated.


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I live next to a golf course and have possum visitors nightly. Most of the time they are after the fruit in the trees and leave our house alone. They also love an open garbage can; I've had them jump from a fence onto the can-then found them the next day, fat and happy in the bottom of the can.

Trapping will only be a band-aid. They, and raccoons, are after an easy meal. You can trap a few but more will come as long as they can eat at your house. Put a bungee cord on your garbage cans, patch up whatever access to the house they have and you should be okay. Be careful, they and the raccoons carry rabies and distemper.

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