Help with my cuttings

fespoMarch 6, 2011

Hello all. I have a question about my fig cuttings. I have them in plastic cups Filled with perlite and plastic baggies over the top. About 90% of my cuttings are leafing out but no roots yet. Is this OK? Anything I should do differnt? they have been in the cups for about 2-3 weeks now. Thanks Frank

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Perhaps they are getting too much light. I just assuming of course. Try to keep them in a darker place, maybe, until you see roots forming. Some cuttings just leaf out more than others, too. If they continue to to grow with no roots, they will peter out! Maybe they are too warm also. What is the temp. where you have them. 65 - 70 degrees is ideal for me. Tim

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I have them on a card table in the south window down in the family room next to the wood stove. It stays around 75 depending what temp is outside.

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Fespo, looks like your temp. is probably okay. As long as they get no direct sun though the window, keep the humidity up and your fingers crossed. We have all learned through trial & error. Good luck. Let us know how they do. Tim

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