Is it too late to take cuttings from a fig tree

hrhcsh(7)March 9, 2011

I am in NE Alabama It is early March and we are still having temps in the 30's at night. There is a huge Fig tree at a Blueberry farm near here that I would like to get some cuttings from. Can cuttings be taken now, Is there any best time? Or Worst time?


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Cuttings can be taken anytime but the rooting may require different methods for green cuttings vs. the dormant cuttings. The best time for fig cuttings is when the plant is dormant from fall (after dormancy) to spring just before bud break. It does not mean that cuttings taken after bud break wil not root at all but will require additional care.
You did not mention the current state of bud opening.
Take a chance and take some cuttings. Try rooting and most probaly some will root. If not, it wil not be a big loss and try again in late fall with fully dormant cuttings.

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No buds yet on the figs, Bradford Pears are blooming, a few other trees are starting to bud, but we are still forecast to have a freeze Thursday morning, and we usually have the last one in the first half of April. When I mention that I am in NE Alabama everyone thinks ALABAMA That's in the SOUTH and automatically think WARM.... L.A. ( Lower Alabama ) is a lot different than up here.

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I've started them in May and July. Only thing different is remove all but a few of the smaller leaves and keep humidity up. Yours are not really actively growing so just do it the same as for dormant wood. Good luck.

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You should have no trouble growing hardwood cuttings now.
Prepare the ground where you want the fig tree to grow. Cuttings should be about 8 to 10 inches long. Some of mine are 12 inches long. Leave one bud above the ground. Water if dry. Thats all you need to do.

Click the link below and see how the professionals people take cuttings.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fig Propagation

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Very Good to take cuttings now. I find cuttings taken now have a higher strike rate. It works well for me. Good luck.

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