I'M Bored

giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)March 29, 2010

just some pics and sorry for the off topic veggie pics



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Hi Sal,
for now it boring here too!
Everthing is at a stalemate for now. But tomorrow 60 out and high 60s to low 70s till sunday with lows not getting below 40 at night my trees will enjoy the warmth from driveway thru there root system and just maybe a few buds may crack open in a week or two if this weather continues, time will tell.
For now bored but will be doing the Fig Shuffle in a day.
Your veggies look nice at this time of year from my perspective and your fig plants im sure your watching .
Cant wait to see more pictures soon . ; )
Best Health

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Another cold front here tonight 40 for low This is not typical FL weather but I will enjoy while it lasts with the long growing season I think my figs will be fine. Not much of a problem with them ripening here before winter. lol
Paradise East

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

Yup it's boring, watching the leaves grow while I think about the nice breba crop I'll be tasting in June.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Sal

Are you still bored? lol

Nice tomato pictures you got over there, you should show them in the Florida forum. :)

Are your figs still dormant? I hope not, all of mine are coming back alive, my bananas too!


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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Thanks Silvia for those kind words and no I'm no longer bored My trees are starting to wake up the last to bud out are my Improved Celeste and my Blk Unknown also my Yellow fig. I did pot up and root prune in early Feb and this might have set them back a little. I believe it was Dan in a post mention that his observations show the more cold hardy figs to come out of dormancy later,this could be a factor as my Brunswick,VDB,and Conadria were the first to leaf out followed by LSU Gold. I don't have enough history to confirm for myself but in a few more seasons I should have a better idea. As far as posting pics on FL forum I will take Pics in a few more weeks and post hopefully there will be something more to look at. Late start as you know lol

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