Fig Out of Dormancy

moosemac(Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME)March 26, 2011

I'm new to growing figs so I would appreciate some advice.

Last weekend when I went to check on my fig, I notice it had broken dormancy. I brought it up from the cellar and now it's really leafing out. My question is: Should I be doing the fig shuffle? It's been in the low 40's with a light to moderate wind most days but nights it drops down into the 20's. What should I do?

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If it were me at those temps no not yet.
I would wait, last spring i was doing my fig shuffle around the 12th of month, this season i also started after i root pruned and weather turned nice.
But now in 30s daily and 20s at night for least next 5 days.
Mine will stay in garage for at least another 5 days days then i look at long term forecast again.

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moosemac(Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME)

Thanks Martin. That was my gut feeling but I figured I'd ask the folks in the know. Darn thing is growing like a weed. It's 7' tall and growing.

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moosemac ,
I'm in central NH and have the same question of when to start the fig shuffle.
Been so cool recently , I haven't been too tempted to start . Storage area in the barn basement staying around mid 30's so none of them are waking up yet.

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Yes Yes do the Fig Shuffle. I just looked outside may car is covered by snow.

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I am in Ma By the RI border I use Tax Day as a Barometer.

April 1st and on is when I comtemplate doing the shuffle.

April 15 to me is when temps began to flatten out.


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