When should I take rooted and leaved figs out of bin

hrhcsh(7)March 20, 2011

I have a bin full of rooted and leaved out figs, when should I take them out ?

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Well I have been slowly adapting my cuttings that have rooted to outside the bin but in the same room, using a humidifier to lower the humidity.

The cups I take out have to look almost root bound or at least have lots of roots and some that look thick with many laterals. Since I use alot of perlite, it pulls out very easily. I don't worry too much on leaf growth but 90% of the time they look almost two big for the box.

The key for me is to slowly adapt from bin to outside bin to north facing room sunlight to south facing to outside partial shade to sun.

I have done two so far up to north facing light with no failure


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The way I do it is if I see enough roots and I need the space in the bin, I take the pot outside the bin and keep it outside for a few hours. If I see the leaves starting drooping I put it back in the bin for some more days (for some more root development). If the leaves don't droop, I keep it near the bin and if still with erect leaves at the end of the day them I move it to the desired place at good room temperature with indirect light (but don't overwater).

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