Bait and Switch

katkin_gwNovember 25, 2006

I am a little annoyed. Someone posted about doing a TRADE and granted it was a desirable plant, now they say they want to SELL it to me. It was done off line, so I can't report them to GW, but I feel it was the old Bait & Switch. I even borrowed a camera to take a picture of my bromeliads to show what I would be sending. :(

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You have a right to be ticked off... If they want to sell, let them get their occupational license and their resale certificate from the state !

This site is about sharing...And the thrill of growing.

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Anyone who know me, knows I am a very generous trader and I also give away tons of plants. I was really set up this morning only to receive an email tonight saying they would sell me the plant plus shipping. He is probably someone who sells on Ebay and thought he could use this forum for more sales as they just joined in Nov.

BTW, D'Ann, when are you coming to see me? I have lots of plants for you. :)

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

Katkin, was this someone connected with GardenWeb? You should tell us who it is and we will all be AWARE! Let's run him outta town guys.

Katkin, you are such a kind, sharing and generous person, I am sorry you had a run in with a good-for-nothing scheister!

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ginibee(z9bFL Brevard)

So sorry this happened to you. No one is more generous with their plants than you and the offer of a sale only had to be offensive.


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hopeful_in_Brevard(z9b FL)

I made a trade a few months back, sent the seeds and a self stamped envelope. Never heard back. E-mailed a couple of times. Gave up. That was my first garden web trade. Haven't seem the person posting anymore. Im thinking they probable had some personal problems and couldn't follow through.

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Is this the person on the exchange page that listed dozens of broms? That looked a bit like a scam to me, especially when I saw they had just joined GardenWeb. I urge you to report your experience to iVillage. Even if some of it happened off-line, they should know someone is trying to use this forum to sell their product.

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Kathy , I would love to come see you......After the holidays ?
I was looking at this guys pictures........
The neo Fannosia , Rose blush, blue barron caught my eye. Which ones were you interested in ? I have a blue tango to share with you if you would like.

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D'Ann, I would love a blue tango! So please do come, I have several sun full brom's I can share with you along with lots of other plants. :)

Kate, I still have the red powder puff seedling for you too. I will take your advice and report them. You are right as to who it was.

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