Over wintering a large (10') Sequoiadendron in borderline zone?

dirtslinger2(6)August 16, 2011

I've got a line on a 10' Sequoiadendron giganteum glaucum (which I thought was slightly hardier than species??)

Normally I'd plant a smaller one, and a spring planting for a summer of establishment prior to it's first "real" winter. This one would be a Sept planting, first frost mid Oct. These are grown at a nursery in about zone 8 so they don't know what cold is (maybe -12C for a nip).

So this is a huge tree, with a massive root ball (32 or 36 inch I believe). It has real bark if that helps any.

Anything that can be done to baby it, being so tall? Is it worth wrapping in burlap or even poly?? This is zone 6. I know of a large one in a close by zone 5, so under the right conditions this is possible, just... rare.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Where are you? In the west? In the east? These matter because of humidity and geography. Sequoiadendron stands a better chance in the west. Zone 6 is not really a border zone, though, the tree should be fine so long as it is planted in advance of temp drops to help it get established a bit before winter. Salt lake city is technically zone 6, maybe even 5, and there are 30 ft tall trees here. If you want to baby it, do what you can to shield it from harsh drying winter winds and full winter sun.

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West coast- but in the mountains. Dry air, yet plenty enough moisture in the ground.
Moderate winters, plenty of snow, 1-2 really cold snaps.
We DO get cold windy days.

I'm thinking if I can help it survive one winter, it has a significantly better chance taking care of itself following years. Just not sure what I can do for a 10 footer(mechanically).

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Is this something you have to take now. The nursery won't hold it till spring?

If it's now or never plant it and forget it. The sooner the better.

Good luck.


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Plant it, the sooner the better. If you can shelter it a bit from the wind, whether its with a house or another tree, the better. You should be fine, this species does better in places where there is not much summer humidity, that's why I asked about climate. So long as its not 105 degrees and 15 humidity, no harm in planting it. Just water it.

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