Recovery from Bagworm

dspake(z5 KS)August 11, 2008

Greetings all,

Dang bagworms hit my two Blue spruces this year. Bad thing is that I didn't notice them till about a week ago, and they are pretty woppin' good sized (1 1/2"-2"). One tree was mildly hit, but the other was hit big time. I hit both trees with a heavy dosing of Cyfluthrin and a cottonseed sticker. Probably too late to do much good, but some is better than nothing.

First task is to finish pulling off all the bags I can find. My next step is where my question lies: Is there any accepted wisdom about Autumn foliar fertilzer for a Blue Spruce/conifer (say Liquid Kelp or Seaweed)? The purpose would be to help the tree recover from the heavy feeding the bagworms inflicted upon it before the winter hits.

From diging around the 'net, I notice that it's a common practice to fertilize Christmas Trees in the fall, and a Blue Spruce tradionally has been used as a Christmas tree on occasion. However, commercially grown Christmas trees and an ornamental Blue spruce are a bit different.

So please, your thoughts and suggestions are quite welcome.


(anticipating a little BT payback next June)

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Hi Dave,
I deal with bag worms every year on my small Christmas tree farm. I understand your frustration.Rarely, a tree will die. Usually the tree will shrug off the insult quite nicely despite the defoliation. I do not see how any type of feeding could help the tree increase its photosynthetic ability in leaves that are not there.

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dspake(z5 KS)


I appreciate the confirmation. I really didn't like the idea of applying a fall fertilizer, given that it would be tough to time right. I.e. too early, and there'd be a good chance of from the heat and sun. On the other hand, too late and I'd be boosting growth during the time frame when it's supposed to be goind dormant.

I never really thought I'd loose the heavily hit tree, but your hard-earned experience with this issue has eased my mind a good bit.

Have a great evening,


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