frost!! need cover?

jollyrd(Richmond VA)March 25, 2011

I planted my potted figs out in the ground a week ago when the temps were 70+ day, 50+ night. The temps last night fell down to 30-32. I can see some frost burn on the leaves this morning.

There is a frost and potential SNOW forecasted for the weekend in our area. Would covering them with frost blanket be enough, or should I do major cover up with burlap - as if for over-wintering?


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You took them out so early. Mine were out for the weather you mentioned but they are back in the garage. I am hearing that the week-end will be sub-zero degree weather with snow. It is crazy weather. I am planning to hang Xmas lights on my apricot trees to protect the flowers.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

I know, but they were breaking out of dormacy very fast - even setting up fruit (brebas?)

I guess I will cover them with burlap?

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I covered my Desert King last night with an old comforter,over.
It is full of Breba figs and needs protection,so fruits do not fall out from frost.
We had 26F,last night.

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My friend, our figs are to precious not to protect as good as possible. Cover them well. Fred

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

In my area, we got lucky. Temps last night only got to 36. I did tote many of my precious 1 and 2 gallon tree back in the greenhouse. But I also left many damage. But my Violette de Bourdeaux trees did look sad this morning. Temps did reach 65 today but back down to 44s at night. I'm going to leave those in my GH there for another week or least till temps get back up to 75 again.


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I have trees in the garage right now with brebas on them. That is not a reason to bring the plants outside. They will do ok for a while still inside.

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If mine i would cover very well with several blankets- But
also consider the longer term forecast, if temps are going to stay cold for a while it may be best to do the complete protection otherwise a whole season could be disappointment with no figs at all.
Going to about 20 here tonight with frost forecast for next 5 nights.
Much different than last spring here by me.

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I would dig it up and put it pot replant later.

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The forecast here in our area it dip to 30 or low 30 from Saturday to Monday. I add a day or two as margin of errors I say let stay safe and leave it in teh Garage. I hanged out-door Xmas lights on my Apricot trees which is full with beautiful white flowers and I am getting worried.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

figs and poms are covered , mulched, and staying in ground -- I am not gigging them out. will report later

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Hello Jollyrd,
I live in Richmond and have about 15 fig trees that I have put in the ground about a week ago. What I did is I covered them with clear plastic bags. Checked on it this morning and I don�t think they really liked the cold few nights that we had here in Richmond but I think they will survive. I will uncover them Tuesday morning and hope for the best. What kind of fig trees did you put in the ground this spring and what are the best performers for you? I have about 50+ varieties that I have acquired over 3 years and always looking for some more�..just can�t stop :-)
Thank you,

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

uh, I would NOT cover them with plastic or let the plastic TOUCH the actual tree. I wrapped figs with with burlap, and pomegranates with thick frost blanket. Have not dared to look at them yet. We should have 25F tonight and tomorrow night. So wait till Wed to uncover.

For some weird reason, my dogs kept pulling the frost blanket from one of the poms and using it as a rug for themselves. Had to re-cover it twice and teach dogs a lesson.

I have Kadota and Latarulla figs. And three poms - one Russian and two from Azerbaijan. You must have a lot of space!

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I try to plant them close to each other (4 feet) and keep them small because I want to fit a lot of trees in the small space. I will pull the plastic off today because the leafs are turning light yellow maybe because of the plastic touching the leafs. I should have waited few weeks before planting them outside but this weather has tricked me to do so. I have one Kadota from Lowes and it grew very slow last season, but the Kadota that I gave to my father grew about 5 feet and had about 15 figs on it the first year.

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Check with your county agent,as to last freeze/frost date in your county. Then adjust your "planting".
In New Bern , it is April 17th.
This helps from being fooled by warm weather early in Spring. Fred

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

Just wanted to update you all - both figs and three poms are doing great, all have put new growth, leaves, etc. I cut off the brown/dead ends on them - not too much compared to overall size of the trees

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