Limestone Chips

amjg(7)March 28, 2010

I am looking for limestone chips to mulch a fig that I want to plant in my front yard. I cant find them, every search comes up marble not limestone. Can I get the same benefits, if not then where can i get them on Long Island (NY).

P.S. I am planing to skip the landscape fabric, I am assuming that it will cut down on the effects.



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I think it probably is limestone Anthony. Try e-mailing the company to make sure, but they basically have the same chemical compositon anyway.

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organic_aer1(NJ 6)

You can use clam shells which are made of calcium carbonate. It is this calcium that forms lime stone.
You can also buy shell grit used by farmers to feed the chickens so they can make egg shell. This is a way of adding calcium at a very slow rate.

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Marble is plain ole limestone that has been subjected to high temperature and pressures beneath the earth's crust....which changed it from the rather soft limestone rock into a rock which is very hard and durable. For strictly a "mulching" purpose....either limestone or marble works just fine. But, to make the calcium carbonates more available to your plants AND still act as a mulch......choose crushed limestone, oyster shells, clam shells, or shell grit as suggested above.


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Hi Amig,
if you have not done so yet i would call around the biiger landscape supplies in your area and inquire about what your looking for.
If all else fails perhaps do a web search in your area and if nearby maybe they could deliver or you could pick up , it probably would be to costly to have shipped in a large amount depending on how much you actually need.

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We had clams and I saved the shells and bashed them with a hammer and put them in the hole when I planted the "Strawberry Verte". For what its worth the fig is doing well.

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thanks for the info I have made some calls, on luck so far on the limestone chips.

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Doing a internet search i see crushed limestone in all sizes from landscaping placing here in my area .
Not sure if thats what you would want do as it would make the soil very sweet maybe to sweet as figs like a slight sweet soil Ph but muclhing with say "crushed limestone" i think may not be good but im not sure .

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pH should not be a problem because limestone is not very soluble in water. Also, calcium carbonate (the major component of limestone) is a salt of the combination of a WEAK acid with a WEAK base. This tell us what little bit that does dissolve in water.....that its pH will be very near neutral (or near 7.0 pH).


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