Fig cuttings using root hormone

tonyreneMarch 18, 2008

Last week I took a cutting and applied root hormone to the bottom and planted it in a pot with a potting mixture. I covered the pot with a plastic food bag and placed it in a sunny location on my window sill. It is starting to sprout already. Does anyone know if this is a temporary thing and will it develope roots? Any info will be appreciated.


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The sprouting at this stage is not necessarily an indication of its successfk rooting. The current sprouting is happening because of the stored nutrients in the cutting and has no relationship with rooting at this stage. You have to wait between three to six weeks to know if the rooing proces is successful. If you are using a clear plastic jar, the indication of success will be seeing roots appearing on the side of the clear pot. I saw one of my cuttings with a root spreading over the surface of the rooting soil (50% schultz soil mixture/50% perlite). If the rooting attempt is not successful i.e. no rooting then the sprouted leaves will wilt away after a few weeks of happy display.

I have been reading here from others with a lot more experience that you do not need to dip fig cuttings in rooting harmones which I tend to agree with.

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probably gonna work. Hell my wife just took some cuttings off our fig out front and did nothing but stick them in potting soil and they have grown into small little trees.

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Can anyone tell me if the rooting hormone is a good idea? I'm really tempted to do this as I've had good luck with other plants and the RH. tonyrene if you're out there please tell us about your results.

Little John

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Ottawan described whats going on with your plant excellent. Sticks having the stored energy and releasing it as the leaves sprouted first, i have seen leaves first, roots first sometimes. I have also cut stick off tree in the heat of summer stuck in soil under canopy of fig tree to shade it and kept small are around stick moist and it grew as well. Also tried clonex red rooting gel recently and saw roots after 25 days today the roots of that one are down to bottom of cup, i recently posted this on forum, try this link

or look for this thread on first page

Clonex Red Gel For Hardwood Cuttings


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Tony, you will find varying opinions on the topic however I recommend using rooting hormone per the manufacturers direction. Depending on your level of interest you will need to determine what works best for you. By the way I believe Ficus carica is considered a softwood.

Good Luck!

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Rootone also has a bit of fungicide in it that helps, but I think the rooting media is even more important. Good drainage and don't over water. Too wet is the death of many fig cuttings. I use straight medium coarse vermiculite with no soil.

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I use dipNgrow and have had successful cuttings of a large varity of species, not just figs.

Rooting hormone will work with almost any plant, I can not think of exceptions off the top of my head, maybe a venus fly trap would be an exception. Just make sure your cuts and cutting tools are clean and it helps to shave an inch or two of the stem that will be under ground, where you want the roots. This will expose more cambium layer.

Here are a few links that might be helpful for you to understand cuttings a bit more.
This one above can be a bit dry.

Check out the form of plant propagation on this site, very helpful.

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