Daylilies and More Cottage Garden

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)June 18, 2010

Patio Garden - you can see how the rain beat some of the flowers over onto the garden path. I have to pull them up and try to stake them or something. They never look right after doing that though - Daylily (right front): Crimson Pirate Old-Fashioned Orange Daylilies towering in the back

Same Crimson Pirate Daylilies looking the other way towards the Rose Garden

As viewed from Rose Garden arbor way

Rose Garden - Several kinds of Phlox, Roses, & Echinaceas, Agastache, Daylilies, lots of Lavender Province, Queen Anne's Lace, Liatris, Larkspurs, Magenta Bee Balm, Garlic, Leeks, Parsley, Sedums, Thoroughwort (a white-flowering relative of Joe Pye Weed), White Star Hardy Hibiscus, 2 kinds of Coreopsis, Dianthus, Lilies, Purple Beautyberry, Cream California Poppies, Tomatoes, Hollyhocks, Queen Cleomes, Blue Harebells, Rose Campion, Black-eyed Susans, Cannas, Black and Blue Salvia, Lady in Red Salvia, Creeping Thyme, Pentas, Periwinkles, Fernleaf Dill, Mammoth Dill, Hardy Hill Rosemary, Yellow Primulas, Rose Queen Sage, May Night Salvia, Verbena bonariensis, Gladiolas, Flannel-leaf Mullein, and more.

Below the Rose Garden are Blueberries and you can see the Compost pile


Liatris spicata

Old-fashioned Wild Orange Daylily

Daylilies under Don Juan Rose

Beautiful Butterfly on Butterfly Bush with Tasha Tudor's pink Hollyhock behind them

Tasha's Hollyhocks with Doppelganger Coneflowers in Statue Garden - white Iceberg Roses behind statue

Apocalypse Now and Peaches and Dreams HH that fell over after the rains After I took this, it got righted.

One of my pretty Shubunkin fish in the lilypond

View of Patio Garden from the Lilypond. Foreground: Yellow Water Iris plant, Blue Bedder Salvia, Black & Blue Salvia, & Orange Daylily

Phlox, David - first to bloom


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carrieburgess3(5 NS, Canada)

BEAUTIFUL Annie!!! Wow, so much to see. I wish I could have a garden tour in person.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Definitely says cottage to me! It looks like a place you can be quite comfortable in while enjoying the bright colors and sights. I love the "aged" look of the garden, lots of volunteers and seedlings weaving through, making new magic.

Those pink hollyhocks are just lovely, and the black and blue salvia practically glows it's so blue. I'd like to see more of that twig arbor that is just peeking out in the photo.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Those are beautiful pictures! The hollyhocks are so pretty. I especially like your picture with the hollyhock and statue. Even seeing all your previous posts/pictures I never knew you had a pond! That is fantastic!

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delightful pictures - I certainly hope you have some seating areas so you can enjoy each setting. Thanks so much for sharing your garden with us .....


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just beautiful! a true cottage garden-
love the holly hocks, day lilys and roses
thanks for sharing

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A feast as usual. I like the fish, too!

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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

Truly...a feast, as schoolhouse said. Thank you for posting these!!


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So very pretty and it definitely makes me want an 'in person' tour. It all looks so lovely. :)

    Bookmark   June 20, 2010 at 7:47AM
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