Has anyone read "Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't"

drupmcp(6A - SE Michigan)March 12, 2013

In an online search I came across Steven Biggs' book "Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't." I'm interested. But, with the price being $35 shipped to the USA, it's very pricey for a 60 page book that I can't review before purchasing. The example writings from the book on his website don't seem detailed enough to learn anything more than is already in this forum. For $35, I would want a detailed manual on growing figs in colder climates, not just for an overview. Was just wondering if anyone here has read it.

Link to book's website:

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Drupmcp, If you want to learn how to grow figs in locations were they are not suppose to grow, then go to Figs 4 Fun.

There you will find a wealth of information from growers all over the north.

We have been growing them in a zone 5b/6a for around eight years.

Once you understand the basics, and any one can learn the basics quickly, you can grow just about any fig.

But, the first thing is having the right cultivars. As far as I know there are only about a half dozen or so figs that may be able to grow in a 6a location, without winterizing..

I see your in Michigan. One of our best performers last year was a fig that originated in Michigan.

But, to answer your question, no I have not read that particular book. I went to F4F, and learned how to grow them. Lots of experts there.

Bob - Connecticut Zone 5b/6a

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You could just ask whatever you need to ask here. There really are only two fig forums with a large member base. This and the one mentioned by Bob. I think the other forum has more members but most of them are also members here.

The thing is there are only a few things that can be done to grow figs in northern climates. They involve covering or burying in the winter. Or potting and moving inside in winter. Or using a greenhouse. There are a million and one ways to do each and there is no perfect or best way. Just personal preference.

I personally would prefer growing in large pots with one of ALâÂÂs Mixes and then moving them indoors for the winter. But I have a large adult son and a heavy duty hand truck to move them. If someone has a bad back and no large son or large friend a greenhouse is better. If you can afford it. Lots of people bury their trees or wrap/cover them with good results.

All of the subjects have been covered in this forum many many times. No real need to go anywhere else.

No way would I be buying that book.

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