japanese weeping cherry

ellix(augusta ga)June 11, 2007

I bought two (Prunus subhirtella pendula) at Lowes because it said they would grow only 12' by 12'. I have read everything I can on the net about them and found that they grow 20' to 30'. One site said that their are some types that can be smaller. Does anyone have any experience with this tree?

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I have one...I have had it for about 15 years now, it was a mothers Day gift......it was prolly 15 ft tall when I got it....and now it is prolly bout 20ish....it has mostly got wider rather than taller but it isn't that wide either...it is a beautiful tree when it blooms..that is if the frost doesn't get it in the spring...but you do need each year to be diligent about triming of the sucker growth from the middle or it will stop weeping quickly and grow large. They say anything upright out of the middle should be cut off...great tree, you will love it!

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We planted a Japanese weeping cherry about 15 years ago. This picture shows how large it has gotten. BTW The center branches are not straight- but are also weeping. There is one that is at least 30+ years old in the neighborhood and it is taller yet. HTH thought a photo would give a sense of scale. well except the stupid web wont let me post a thumbnail like I do on the kitchen forum. any clues as to why??? Sue

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try again with the thumbnail photo. sheesh.Sue

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ellix(augusta ga)

PLEASE tell me when you bought that tree it didn't say it would grow 12'x12'! That is a huge tree and most beautiful. I bet a site to see in bloom too. I wanted a small blooming tree (or 2) to go along with the cottage look I am trying to create. I was concerned about too much shade but if my tree grew that large I need to be concerned that my house would just disapear. Thanks, Molly

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

Normally, one can assume that size given on nursery tags is based on ten year size. Plants do not stop growing just because they are ten years old. A weeping cherry is a large tree as you can see by the above picture.


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No, don't worry it didn't say 12x12 on the tag, but it did grow bigger than we thought. As a matter of fact of the three on the street- it is by far the tallest and fattest. It does get full sun all afternoon. And I love it when it blooms. Every couple of years, the masses of daffodils under it bloom at the same time and it is wonderful. Wish I had a better photo.Sue

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Oooo so that's what I have to look forward too, love it! I purchased one at Lowes also and it's been thriving for almost 4 months now (yeah I know, February is not tree planting time, whatever.) but you don't really "envision" what 20+' of tree looks like. I'm really glad I stuck it in the corner I did, not next to anything...

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I've been wanting a weeping cherry ever since I saw one in Oklahoma but the one I saw looks different then the pictures you all posted.
Do any of you know what the name of this weeping cherry tree is?

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