time to repot my fig tree?

susie100(Southern Ohio)March 12, 2013

My two year old potted fig, Chicago Hardy, If am recalling the correct name, is coming out of dormancy. It is still in the original small pot that it came in from Lowe's. I would like to repot it and have the following questions if someone would be so kind with any answers:
when I repot it, should I cut off part of the roots (seem to recall reading that somewhere); what kind of potting medium to use, and should I fertilise it. If so, what kind of fertiliser. The fig lives on my condo balcony during the warm months. Thank you.

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wisner_gw wisner

I would repot it right away. When you remove it from the pot, the roots will probably be circling around the root ball. I would take a knife and cut straight down about an inch deep in 3 places spaced around the root ball. This will allow the roots to grow outward in the new pot. As far as potting medium I would use a good quality potting soil, not a moisture control soil. As far as fertilizer I would give it some miracle grow every couple of weeks or so.

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susie100(Southern Ohio)

Thank you, wisner, appreciate your guidance.

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