Dark figs vs other (green, yellow, white)

alpharetta(z7 GA)March 27, 2011


I am a newbie with fig growing. I have one ignorant question: Which fig will have better health properties: Dark (black, brown, purple) OR other (Green, Yellow, White). Just like the grapes: Dark grapes are better for your health. Just like the wine: Red wine will improve the heart condition. Now how about the figs?



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Actually it was very good question! I Love both (and shades in between) figs, I would wonder, Figs actually any of them are very very healthy for the body, any of them, they have great nutritional value, excellent source of fiber!

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Well :If it is white or black it doesn't matter a lot!
If it is dark red inside or clear amber (inside),it does matter.
The same beneficial,substances, that exist in Black grapes,in larger quantities,also exist in the very dark red interior fig fruits,in my opinion.
Personally,I fill that way,and prefer dark red interior,and have no preference about the exterior.
On the other hand,Dark,and black (on exterior)fig fruits ripe sooner than white figs when presented with cooler Summer,outside the Ideal mediteranian climates.
So one have to choose according to climate too,what will work best ,in what climate,in order to get totally ripe fruits,with maximum taste and flavor they can be.

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alpharetta(z7 GA)

Excellent thought and ideas. Thanks!
Now the next question: I want some fig that has big fruit size but dwarf growing, and sweet/heavy bearing of course, so I can grow in the pot. Could you please recommend some? My zone is 7 Atlanta GA.

Thanks again.

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im new to figs but from what i've read Black Jack would fit your criteria.

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I personally like dark brown and black Fig. Although I have no scientific evidence I know Dark figs has a lot of Zink. Zink is a major factor in Testosterone production. Testosterone is the only hormone to show who are the Men and who are the boys.

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alpharetta(z7 GA)

Great! My candle has burned half already. Hopefully with black fig, I will become boys again.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Soooooo..... What happens when women eat the dark figs, then? :)


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Our husbands will thank us for it Viv! We women also have an certain amount testosterone which raises sexually the person! If women increase, we will be more. Figs have always had sexual undertones, always always. Ciao

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I am in Zone 7(alomost),and grow my figs inground.
They need much less care,and produce much better fruits,if planted in a sheltered Spot on southern exposure so they get son ,most part of day.
Al you do is protect from Winter the first 3 winters then ,no more.
I recomend Atreano,and Kathleen Black,or,Late Black,for large fruits.

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To me, the more DARK skin and/or pulp the fig is; is
definitely a more of an EYE (& mouth drooling) appeal to me.

However, here are many other lighter-colored figs
that 'tasted' much better; e.g., the Improved Celeste.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Why large fruit? I would rather have small and flavorful than large and ... anything.

Seems like the smaller onces have more concentrated flavor if you ask me.

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Lots of potential tangents on this merry go round...!!!
I remember growing up in fig land (Sicily)in the 60's and really never discriminating about either black or white figs. There was no candy to be had at the time, If we wanted something sweet, it pretty much had to be a sweet bounty from the land and figs were IT. Walking around in the country side,during the long and hot Sicilian summers me and my buddies just had to worry about over protective fig tree owners who had dogs and or guns or who were faster than we (kids) were. It was ALL good, white or dark figs, as long as they were sweet. I still feel kinda the same way. I guess I will develop my fig palate soon enough and figure out which ones I prefer... or NOT!! and still eat any ripe figs that gets within reach...

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Ben, I am same, never discriminated much of light or dark! I love them all pretty much, why I grow so many colors. AS far as nutritional value, don't know much on that one? Desserts for us was very limited to holidays or festivals, desserts was not something we were big on like it is in U.S. so like as you said, most sweet stuff comes from fruits. Maybe why we are so healthy!

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xnrgx(8a to 9)

I have been Ill lately and have not had time to write or much less read any thing. I am just sitting home recovering and thought I would read a bit. Thought I would give my two cents worth here. The only difference betwwen the green vs dark figs that I know of is how birds react to them. From what I know (Correct me if I am wrong) birds tend to leave greeen figs alone and go for dark figs. As far as taste both taste good if they are good. Just thought I would add my two cents here.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Xnrgx! How profound!

Down here, though, I am doubting that the birds will not bother the green figs because from the time the tree gets figs on it out back the mockingbirds check the tree out every day to see if the figs are ripe and they start when the figs are green. They are too smart for their own good.

I'm sorry to hear you have been ailing and I hope you will get better before long. God bless.


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alpharetta(z7 GA)

In parent home country, we do have fig trees, but the fruits are very small and not sweet at all. People don't eat fig fruits of that reason. However almost every house has one or two fig tree either on the conner of the garden or bonsai type inside the house. 'Fig' in Vietnamese mean wealthy/rich/energy. Frig fruits in Vietnam small and have green color and turn to red when it ripe.

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xnrgx(8a to 9)

I sat to ponder the taste of the fig. I tried a Light green Peters Honey and decided that the green one must be the best tasting of all... Then my attention turned to a Violette De Bordeaux and I quickly downed it and realized that it was the dark fig that was truly the most tasty. I was proud of myself, for finally deciding, then my wife brought me a nice green Conadria and I was in green fig heaven again, and decided at last it was the green fig. But, then a taste from the Mission fig changed my mind again. Well, I though, after trying one then the other over and over again; if I closed my eyes they were all the same color and that was delicious. Now if you ever wonder if "delicious" is a color of not... Close your eyes and eat a fig. As I wait for my very own, fig trees to grow this year (I am new to growing figs) I can't help but think, the Fig must be one of Gods favorite fruits. He made them so good and with such verity, I have to thank him for the fig; Dark, light, big and small, fat, round, short and tall, just like he made us all..Life is grand... eat more figs.

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