roses in pots - when to put outside

canadian_rose(zone 3a)April 23, 2011


I've overwintered 35 roses in large Costco pots in my heated/temp controlled garage. Many are starting to put out growth now.

I'd like to put them all outside on my driveway. But I'm not sure if the nighttime temperatures are too low. I live in Calgary and the day time temperatures are going to be above 10C. A few nights may get as low as -2C.

If I get a large tarp to put over them at night, do you think I could bring them out now?

What if we get snow?

I'm really confused as to when to take them out.

Thanks for your help!


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Have you put your roses out yet Carol? I don't have any tried and true advice since I've never done that but I wonder if you could put them nearer the garage door so they could get some sun during the day. Otherwise I'd sure cover them if they were out over night.

I got a potted rose for Easter and will start putting it out in a week or 2 during the day and bring it in at night until June. Have never bothered to try to get one of these miniature roses to survive very long but thought I'd try it.

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