Older variety of Peony?

marricgardensApril 24, 2009

Does anyone know of any place that sells older varieties of peonies? I've just rec'd my new edition of Gardens West and in it is a great iris garden. Among the pics of irises is a gorgeous peony. Fortunately it does give the cultivar name, hybridizer and year. Now I just need to try and find it. It's called 'Red Charm' by Glasscock '44. I've already looked on Pivoines Capano but I didn't see it there. Any advice? Marg

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Marg, Botanus has Red Charm. I have never bought peonies from there, but other plants and bulbs seem to be fine from there. You may also find it locally at one of the stores or nurseries.

I got my red charm peony locally several years ago.


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Pivoinerie d'Aoust has it...it is really nice. I have had it in my garden for years. Unfortunately I traded away the surplus last fall. Once it settles in it produces really huge flowers....about one per bouquet is all you need. I have already placed my order with the company...Lilac Time, White Innocense and Mme Furtado. However the website is singing to me....perhaps I could manage Madelon or Mrs. F.D.R. ....and so it goes.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Hi Marg - Red Charm is also available at Ferncliff this year. They always send large healthy rootstock. And the price isn't bad either. Parkland grows it as well although it is not available this year. It is really a beautiful peony when it is fully developed.

I also ordered Lilac Time and Madelon this year along with Hot Choclate, Flame, Elgin and Lavon. You can never have enough peonies!


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So far I have bought all my peonies from Home Depot. Maybe they will have Red Charm. If they don't, I'll definitely be ordering it. So far I only have Monsiuer de la Marne, Karl Rosenfeldt, Shirley Temple and
Festiva Maxima. I do have another double white that my neighbour gave me when she decided they were ugly and she wanted to get rid of them. When she asked me if I wanted some, I said yes. She dug them up and tossed them onto the hot pavement and left them there for a day before telling me she had them dug up! I had offered to dig them myself but I guess she was in a hurry. It is now coming back, after 2 years, and I hope it flowers this year. It is also heavily scented. Thanks for the help ladies. Marg

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