Frist try, need advice and encouragement

golfer_2008(7)March 6, 2010

A good friend sent me a shopping bag containing a few dozen cuttings from his back yard fig trees with a message to "root these and plant in the sun". He assumes that because I start some vegetables under lights that I will know what to do with fig cuttings but I really dont. I feel somewhat obligated to plant a fig tree or two and perhaps some of you will be kind enough to advise on the best and easiest way to get started. I quickly looked in this forum and find there are a number of ways root a cutting but it would be helpful if someone from the Atlanta area would give me their thoughts. Dont have the variety , just that his trees produce well and have good flavor. They are obviously are well suited to this area.

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Mythought is to go and buy a tree that is already rooted and plant it and you get good fruit in about 2 years sooner than rooting your own cuttings I have tried both ways and that is my choice. Just be sure that the rooted cutting gives ths kind of fruit you want. Good luck with it. DAN.

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Check out this site; click on the 1st "GO".

Here is a link that might be useful: FROM TWIGS TO FIGS

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