Verdal Longue?

giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)March 24, 2010

Recently seen some posts on this variety and it seems that Jon & Bass find it to be a good fig for taste (and good productivity for Jon also) I have done a search and only found 6 posts which I'm referring to and one member said he trashed his after observing for a few seasons Maybe not right for his climate

I got some nice cuttings this year from Jon and placed in Spag Moss a first for me as I usually go right to a rooting mix no baggie just a cup stick and grow with some type of dome. OK one stick is starting to show roots and I'm sure the others will soon follow. hopefully they will take the next step well

Can I skip cup and go right to pot with a light potting mix 70/30 perlite and potting soil same as I would use for cup with a dome lid?

Also is this just a main crop fig?

FMV signs?

Splitting and Eye characteristics?

Any feedback good or bad always appreciated


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Hey Sal how you doing?
Hi Sal
most would not do that. Iv'e done it in a 4 inch pots and recently in a 2 - 6 inch ones only though nothing bigger.
I have and learned from a few mistakes doing it like this rotting the stick and drowning the roots from to much water, i now use a spray mister if i do it like you mentioned.
What i do is get the soil im going to use and spread it out and mist it then i spoon soil in pot only and make the hole and put stick in it but not to deep because if it needs water before the stick takes hold i use the mister so as not to try and wet the pots soil completely and it can dampen the roots slightly without drowing them from being to wet.
Sound familar? ' )
Best Health

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Thanks Martin Martin I will go to cups then and wait for better root development before I pot. I just don't like having to disturb them roots more than I have to.
Any more info from those who have tried this fig for a couple of seasons greatly appreciated

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