Spring Sowing

marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern OntarioApril 19, 2013

I've been doing this for years - kind of like winter sowing, but for annuals and done in early - mid April. I have no room inside for everything i want to start and it's so much easier to start things in containers outside.

But this year.... Well, we're consistently below 0 every night, sometimes as low as -7 or -10, and the daytime highs barely reach +1 or +2. And there's snow constantly predicted - another 5-10 cms Sunday night, and snow showers off and on all next week. I look at the two-week forecasts and the better temperatures are always a week away.

I've been really hesitant about starting, even though rationally i know that the cold won't hurt the seeds. I guess i'll start this weekend.

Usually April is such an exciting month with the snow melting and plants emerging, and, by this time of the month, sprouts in the winter sowing containers. I haven't even looked at them this year! There are still snowbanks a few feet high and at least a foot of snow left all over in the yard.

A bit of a whine, maybe. Hoping that playing in the dirt a bit this weekend will help the mood a bit. This is getting depressing!

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We now have about 6 feet of back yard with no snow starting from the house. The rest of the yard still full snow but my bales are showing. I will be putting in my peas before I go away on Wednesday. I might just even shovel some snow on top for free water.

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Marcia, I'm in about the same boat as you are, although I have much more snow left than you do :(

The bulbs that I planted last year that should be coming up right now, are still under about 3 feet of snow. I think I'll have to get a shovel and move a lot of snow to another part of the yard if I want to hopefully have them come up at all. My veggie garden has at least 3 feet of snow, my strawberry patch about 2 feet.

I'm wondering if pots will be the only way to get tomatoes planted this year.

Yes this is getting depressing. Enough is enough already!

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Thankfully our snow is almost gone!

The east and south side of our acreage have high exposure so are pretty much snow free and are starting to dry a little already. We have a lot of pine trees to the west and the snow is melting slowing here but thats a good thing because the moisture is being absorbed into the soil instead of running away. We woke up to rain this morning so hopefully that will help break down the snow piles from plowing the yard.

I would love to be able to do to spring sow but anything that is green outside now gets consumed by the deer over night. We have a lot of perennials that the deer ignore but last year I planted some Day Lilies and the deer have found them - a few days ago I finally made some chicken wire cages to put around them otherwise the poor things will never get taller that a few inches! Thankfully the deer seem to disappear when they have their babies and don't really have much of a presence until August-ish.

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