The White Stuff

kathy_h_growerApril 30, 2009

Well, for the second time in a week now I woke to about an inch of the white stuff on the ground!

I'm really starting to wonder if we are ever going to get spring. Not even the weeds seem to be growing yet in my flower beds!

Hope everyone didn't wake to this stuff like we did. It's soooo depressing!

Kathy in Crappy Manitoba

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bdgardener(3 AB)

You are not alone, we had it here in AB this week again. We get a little teaser of good weather here and then it hits again. I really need to get my stuff back out in the greenhouse it is taking over the house. This weekend is suppose to be nice again but I will wait and see for myself. I put spinach and swish chard in the garden already, I don't care I need to plant something. Cheryl

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Soon this crappy weather will be just a bad memory in the back of everyone's mind. We are heading into some beautiful weather for the center of B.C. FINALLY. If it doesnt rain soon I will have to start watering...Jean

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Please keep your white stuff in the west. We had so much of it in the winter and our 5 foot snowbanks didn't start to melt until April. I feel for you though--I just don't want any more

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Kathy, I will say it again, misery loves company and a good dose of complaining, it's what binds us prairie folks ... heck, all us Canadians for that matter, lol. Let's just HOPE this long drawn out winter will soon lead to an awesome spring (well, what's left of it), summer and autumn ... that's not asking too much eh? My greenthumb is getting so itchy for wanting to scratch in the warm earth ... I said warm!


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I am SO sick of the cold and of BEING cold! Tomorrow it's MAYcolor>, Mother Nature!! Get with the program!!

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Guess what we had covering the ground AGAIN this morning!!!
Gone now but I think that's three times within a week!
The weeds don't even want to grow yet.

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