Clover as lawn replacement?

curls(Z3 AB)April 27, 2010


Has anyone replaced their lawn with clover? My backyard is quite sunny and VERY dry. Tons of evergreens stealing any moisture from the grass... I've bought a bag of grass seed (fescues) but i'm considering adding clover seed to the mix to try and help it out and if the clover takes over I'm OK with that... though my neighbors may hate me :) I have small children, so i can't garden the whole thing (yet).

Thanks for the input!

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

At my old place the back lawn was mostly clover. It's ok if that's what you want, but the drawbacks are it looks patchy, and it flowers. Clover will never look as smooth and consistent as grass, especially when you mow it and chop up all the little leaves. If you don't mow it, it will look lumpy. Obviously it has white flowers too which you may or may not like. One of the worst features for me is that it hops lawn edging and roots on the other side, and keeps going into your flower beds.

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I was just reading about low maintenance lawns on the CMHC website last night. You might be interested in what they had to say. One of their suggestions was clover.

An acquaintance of mine, who used to have a garden I would say was as nice as Butchart Gardens in Victoria, (and she did it all herself without "expert" advice) recently suggested I use clover in part of my lawn. Hey, if she's a fan.............

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Hi Curls.

Have you had time to consider the clover pros and cons yet?

I'd like to know how it turns out, and if you do it like the CMHC website suggests, or another way, or not at all.

I have some really hot dry spots where grass doesn't do well on it's own and we're in similar zones.

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curls(Z3 AB)

Problem right now seems to be finding a source to buy in Calgary... I'd like to try MicroClover, emailed them, haven't heard... Don't want to mail order because i'm ready to rock and roll once the snow melts (have some grass seed and some gardening soil is top dress is due to come tomorrow!)

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We planted clover in our front fields. We also did the area around the flower beds. We considered doing the lawn by the house but reconsidered because of the bees flowering clover attracts. We left the grassy area near the patio in grass because we prefer not to be stung by bees when we sit there. marg

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curls, do you just want clover seed? Sunnyside sells it in big bags.

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