experience with a lemon daddy Hydrangea?

keesha2006(5)June 9, 2010

I bought a LOVELY Lemon Daddy Hydrangea today...does anyone have any experience with this? I am in zone five..before I plant it, I wanted to hear any suggestions..likes, dislikes...it may affect where I put it. I also got a limelight for 5 dollars in a two gallon pot :) I bought them both at Shipshawana..a amish flea market a few hours from here. A girl friend found my five dollar buy..she took the remaining three and gave me one.. :) We were tickled lime :)

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Never even heard of it til i saw your post.There's info on it at white flower farms and other sites.

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I note it's only hardy to zone 6. You will need to protect this plant more if you wish to keep it alive in winter. Plant it deep to protect the roots.

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Mm...the tag with it says zone 5.. darn nursery...Any ideas how to protect it? It is a darn pretty plant. I notice some sites list it as a 6..some as a 5...whats with that? Thanks Kathi and Ianna for your help.

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Just to be on the safe side, protect the plant. I recall I had a NIKKO blue for a zone 6 but I planted it by the corner of my backyard, away from strong winds and strong sun. When winter came and snow piled up thickly there, it offered more protection. It was thriving quite well (sadly I had to leave it behind when I moved)

If you know of a place in your yard that fits the above description that's where it should go. (I think this is a part shade plant right?) Away from freezing winds, good drainage area, and where in winter, snow can pile up high. Mulch it well too.

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The man when I bought it, suggested that ALL hydrangeas have the dirt mounded high around the roots. While they like a good drink and dont want to be dry really..they will die from wet feet faster than anything. Especially over winter...if you have a mildish winter with thawing freezing ect where the snow melts down but cant go anywhere really..it gets to wet and then freezes again..ect..so Maybe I will follow both that advice and yours about heavy mulch. I put it barely under the canopy of a shade tree. It will get mostly shade but some sideways filtered sun that way. It sure is a pretty plant, I would be sad if it died.. :( Thanks for your awesome help!!

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newbiehavinfun(7a - Southern NJ)

The east side of your home is a good bet, if possible. What about straw over the winter? I've also seen people use black plastic, but that only works for plants that don't leave branches.

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The trick is to break that soil and amend with compost. Then when watering it this week, watch the water drain down so you can see if it's draining out properly and to make sure there are air pockets. It's those airpockets that kills in winter because they get filled up by water which freezes and eventually destroys the plant from the roots up.

True - they like to be kept hydrated -- hence the name Hydrangea, but they are not water plants and so pooling water invites root rot.

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The information above should be amended to the following: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Lemon Daddy' is flower bud hardy to Zone 6, and the vegetative buds are hardy to zone 5, therefore, the plant will survive in zone 5, yet most winters will kill the flower buds.

As for the name Hydrangea, it does not indicate that these plants need or require extra water. The word hydrangea is Greek for water-vessel, this is in reference to the shape of the seed pod, which resembles an amphora (an ancient liquid holding container).

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