When do You Uncover Winterized Figs?

geoff_ri(6)March 12, 2012

This has been a question for me for the past three years since I've had an in-ground tree in zone six.

My tree is housed in an insulated figloo (search archives for examples). I'm struggling with when to break it down and expose my tree to the elements.

Today we're hitting 70 and it's going to be 60s for rest of the week with night temps no lower than mid 30s.

I know we can't be sure about the weather, but does anyone have thoughts about this? Our last official frost date for gardeners is early May.


Geoff in RI

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I believe that as long as you have good ventilation or air exchange you can wait. But if you don't, you are at the risk of "cooking" the plant. What I mean by cooking is creating a condition that supports mold growth. This also causes the plant to awaken prematurely from it's dormancy. Maybe it's possible to open it up for those warm weeks like this one but still have the ability to cover it back up if it gets real cold.

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