Very fragrant plants for your garden?

twroszApril 27, 2008

Now, I'm talking about plants the emit a heavy fragrance, not ones that you must stick your nose right into.

Nicotiana 'Fragrant Cloud' and Evening Scented Stocks are two that I never go without. If you have not tried these, then you're REALLY missing out on enjoying their awesome evening fragrance.

Some of the Rugosa roses are also VERY fragrant.


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

DameƂs Rocket, Valerian, Mock Orange & Lilacs.

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chocolatemoose(Z1, North Pole, Alaska)

Heliotrope, Tuberoses and Proven Winners "Cerveza & Lime" plectranthus...All significant "scent"sory favorites of mine...And of course Oriental lilies...

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petunia2(z3B, AB Canada)

Priscilla petunias

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Oh, yes, I had fogotten about those PETUNIAS, some are very nice indeed, I have LOTS of Priscilla that I had obtained from cuttings. Heliotrope is another one that I won't be without, though some are more fragrant than others, I don't recall the variety I had last year, though will let my nose guide me when I'm at the greenhouse.

Lilacs, Mock Orange and Oriental lilies are among my favorites ... and who can forget SWEETPEAS!

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gerry1(2b Sk)

The Priscilla petunias are one of my favorites for hanging baskets and pots near the entrance and my sitting areas. They are so wonderfully fragrant and look great paired with the white bacopa. If you enjoy the 'Victorian - English Garden' look all the better. Grow both the Priscillas and the tall old fashioned flowering tobacco near the areas we pass in our comings and goings.

Along with the wonderfully fragrant plants that previous posters have already suggested, have clumps of phlox and and the vanilla scented Clematis (Clematis recta) that fill the air with the most wonderful fragrance.I always assure planting sweet peas - choosing for fragrance rather then blossom size. Of course one cannot forget to add the very fragrant perennial Baby's Breath.

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Would love to know which heliotrope you prefer for fragrance. I had grown Marine helioptrope and another unnamed variety previously and you pretty much had to inhale the whole plant before you got any scent from it. Would love to try growing again if anyone has a recommendation. Thanks...Heather

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Heather, the only name that comes to my mind is heliotrope 'Fragrant Blue' ... but, I could be wrong, as my search on the net showed no matches. Whatever it was, it was very deliciously scented, everyone would say, "What smells so GOOD?"

Gerry, I'm gonna take your suggestion of pairing up the Priscilla petunias with bacopa ...

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Thanks for the tip. I'm going to add some "fragrant blue" to my wish list for next year. A little late to start them now in my climate, but it's never to late to collect more seeds for next year. Thanks....Heather

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Heather, Fragrant Blue is a cutting grown strain I had found at the greenhouse. In the next few days I'm gonna go and see if this plant is available and if indeed I've gotten the name correct ... will let you know.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Several years ago, i had a couple of fragrant nemesia in my gardens - one was "Bluebird" and the name of the white one escapes me. I collected seed from them but the resulting plants weren't quite so fragrant. I just sniffed some on the weekend - yummy! :)

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

For me, the only plants that stink up the whole yard are nicotianas, oriental lilies, and mock orange. The only other one I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is lily of the valley.

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I have to add migonette, Mayday, and currant bushes - I love that clove scent they have. Silver Willow also smells great when it's in bloom, but we have it in pastures, not in the yard. I even love the smell of poplars when they're just leafing out.


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gerry1(2b Sk)

My list is growing! Love the fragrance of heliotrope but I too find that you really need to get up close and personal or have it is an enclosed area. Will be looking for that Fragrant Blue.

Love Mock Orange - have yet to get one established - will be looking for a good sized pot this spring - give me your hardiest and your most fragrant.

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I just love the smell of Rosa de l'Hay. Thanks for all the other tips folks, I definately try Priscilla and Bacopa

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For annuals...heliotrope...if you can find the white heliotrope it is much more fragrant than the purple varieties. Not every nursery will carry the white variety. I bought 2 as plugs from the Greenspot about a month ago. Of course, I had to buy one purple one also. I love their vanilla smell.

For perennials, I love peonies. I have about 100 clumps but only about 30 different kinds of herbaceous and 7 kinds of ITOHs. We especially like having a peony in the house when in bloom. The whole house smells wonderful!

Of course, when the lilacs are in bloom, their fragrance is great too.

I am looking forward to a new trade that I got last year. The clematis is an upright (not climbing) variety that will get about 4' high. It is called an erect Recta clematis. It will have small star shaped white flowers and apparently the whole area will be extremely perfumed with its flowers when it is in bloom. I was told to plant it beside our front door but there was no room there, so it got put in the middle of the flowerbeds where I will be spending a lot of time each summer.


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Connie, indeed the missouri black currents give off that beautiful clove scent, I'll have to get another one of these. And, I'm with you on that fresh wonderful scent of the poplars when they've freshly budded out, they should bottle that fragrance!

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Oriental lilies are heavenly and if mine don't come back this year, I will just buy them and treat them like annuals just for that scent! Love peonies too!!
I too, would like to hear more about Mock Orange.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

I lost my tag but I'm pretty sure it is Philadelphus x Blizzard Mockorange. I bought it years ago at Lakeshore Gardens in Saskatoon.

Datura meteloides is wonderful too for its evening fragrance.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I have had mock oranges that came with the house at my last two houses... they appear to be the same type and have double blooms. I think they are 'Minnesota Snowflake' based on their hardiness and bloom shape. They smell divine!

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

One of my favorite scents is of the creeping and wooly thymes that are in between the flagstones. On a calm day the whole area smells wonderfully when you step on them.

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meggylou(zone 4)

I love Linden trees when they flower, it is just incredible!
unfortunately I don't have one at this house now since we've moved :(
my other favourites are lilac, mayday, nicotiana, and marigolds.
I'm planting some different flowers this year for the first time so I'll get to see how I like those too.

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Pudge 2b

I have 2 Amorpha fruticosa (false indigo bush). When I bought them, I went with native, drought tolerant, not out of control suckering and otherwise did little research. After a couple or so years they bloomed, which I wasn't expecting, and the scent is just amazing.

Two sides of the perimeter of my backyard have native chokecherry planted, and I love the smell when they're in bloom.

Ditto the poplars and I, too, have said that scent should be bottled.

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I like scent in the garden. The first to flower for me are the lilacs. They are followed by the Mock Orange. I also have an older purple iris that has a strong grape scent. When these are done flowering, the wallflower starts. I also have a few Oriental lilies that smell gorgeous! Sweet Cecily and Anise Hyssop have a nice licorice smell. Don't forget any of the Rosa rugosa! Marg

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Sharon, I planted old seeds of 'Evening Fragrance' datura, though none have germinated, though I have one seedling of another variety that has proven very fragrant.

I do have several types of agastache that have nicely scented foliage.

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