Re: HELP! Need suggestions for what to do with this corner!

hyperchickmomJune 8, 2014

What to do with this corner? Not liking the suggestion our landscaper designer made. Suggestions welcome. Thank you!

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Here is what they proposed to do with this space. NOT liking it as I do not think two Miss Kim Lilacs are better than the spirea thats already there. So I think I want to leave that, but I do need something against brick and a focal point for the corner. Should we add trellis under a/c? We have two on opposite side of steps.

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Have to agree that the look isn't pleasing in the above design suggestion. Sorry to be blunt but it's boring and does little to catch the eye. Depending on the sun exposure, Euphorbia polychroma would provide contrast to the spirea and is zero maintenance. Stokesia would also serve a similar function and demands as little attention as the Euphorbia--absolutely none. For more zero-care color contrast, Heuchera/coral bells 'Palace Purple' comes to mind. Throw in a shorter ornamental grass--Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' comes to mind--and you'd solve the entire problem corner.

I don't think a trellis under the A/C unit would do anything other than detract from the plants if you select the right combination of different colors & textures.

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You need a tall conical or pillar shaped evergreen plant/s in the background and then put some colourful plants in the foreground. The green background will make the other plants pop out. That's the focal point that's lacking. Then put in your birdbath in the middle so it's visible. Once done, you can add little low growing flowerly creepers like a campanula or the sorts.

That's a sunny spot and I'm guessing a really hot spot. So choose a plant that can take the heat.

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maozamom NE Ohio

You can't go wrong with a weeping tree

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spartangardener(z4 MN)

A narrow magnolia, with vinca, ivy or hosta underneath? Chaenomeles?

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So here is what we did. We moved the one spire and planted another one to right of birdbath. Moved the butterfly bush to corner and added some lavender. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Molly Adams

i would love to see miscanthus morning light grass at the corner, kinda victorian cottage-y...

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Wow ! That was a fun thread !!!

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Love the finished product over the "planted" landscape that was first given to you.

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Lovely. It feels a lot more balanced. If I may add one more suggestion. Add a euonymous (dark evergreen) plant to train as a vine and to cover up the brick. I just think that by adding something dark green will make your arrangement pop up more. Plus it would mirror(but not quite mirror) the vine that is climbing up on the other side of your steps.

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