New member with questions.

noellesdadMarch 24, 2012

Hi everyone, I'm noellesdad, pleased to meet you. I've enjoyed reading here for a bit and I have a few, maybe more than a few questions. If you feel like answering one of them, none of them, or all of them, any help would be great.

Currently I have 10 trees, 9 are potted and one planted a week ago. They all seem to have survived winter, and the planted one is starting to break buds already.

My questions...

1. One tree I have has a plant marker with 8L22H written on it, anyone know of this? The person I got it from couldn't remember where it came from.

2. I currently have a bundle of cuttings coming to me, 25 of them, some of which I want to use to start a privacy fence on one side of my yard, italian red variety, ..

How far apart should I space them, and how deep to dig the holes?

3. How big can a fig plant grow in it's first year with reasonably able care?

4. Does anyone know where I can get a mature potted tree that will fruit this year in the Philadelphia region? I'm actually about 50 miles north of there. (of one of the better tasting varieties?)

5. Does off the shelf potting soil have enough vermiculite, other loose stuff, in it to just plant in that or is it always better to amend it?

6. I fertilized my plants with some 20-20-20 I had laying around in my barn, mixed lite, 3/4 teaspoon to a gallon or better of water. Should that be ok to help the ones that might fruit this year do so?

I'll start with these questions, I'm sure I will have more.

Thanks for any help and again, pleased to meet you all.

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Treat yourself by taking a ride to Flemington, NJ, and go visit Bill's Figs, (908-806-4887). He will be glad to help you with all the questions that you have, and you can buy great trees from him, as well. One trip will do it all!

Hope this suggestion will help you.


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Thank you Frank. I've contacted him and will hopefully be meeting up with him this coming week.

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Glad to be of service. By the way, You-tube has a video posted of Bill and his fig trees.

Have a nice, fruitful visit...and happy growing.

Frank, from The Bronx

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