Has anyone dealt with this company

hmacdona1April 12, 2008

Wondering if anyone has purchased plants from www.perennialsandmore.com? I just received a flyer from them and their prices are pretty reasonable. I've never heard of them and was hoping someone else could share their experience. Thanks...Heather

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Sorry, can't say that I have. You might want to check out reviews on the garden watchdog if it is listed there:


Good luck!


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explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)

Hi Heather,

I was also thinking of ordering from their website.
I haven't placed an order with them yet, but I did email them to find out about the cost of shipping because I couldn't see it anywhere. (I like to know these things lol).
I was told it shows up when you go to pay for your order at the checkout. Shipping is $12.00 per order.
I guess you have to make the order worthwhile.
I do think I will be placing an order with them although I've been sort of scared off of ordering any daylilies through these sorts of places because of tissue culture issues.

Hope this helps alittle.

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Thanks very much for your responses. This is very helpful.

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explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)

Hi hmacdona,

I was wondering if you went and ordered from Perennialsandmore?
I've tried ordering from them twice now, but found that their website has flaws in the pricing.
When you order multiples of lilies etc, they don't always give you the lower price you're supposed to get.
I've emailed them and they replied that they would get right on it and let me know when it's been fixed.
I never got an email back from them, so decided to try it and see if it's been fixed. It has been fixed on the Asiatic lily area, but as soon as I tried to put some of the double asiatic lilies into the cart the same thing happened.

The frustrating thing is, their stock is rapidly being depleted. I see less and less of available plants and or bulbs there.
I don't know if I should just place the order and then tell them they owe me a credit or what.
Maybe I should just forget it altogether.

I don't even want to give them any attention on this site.
I really don't know if they just got a bad website designer or what. I did notice at first they had a couple of pics backwards.

I really don't know about them.

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Hi Rob,

I haven't placed an order yet. Yikes. It would be different if you were waiting for a credit from a company you've dealt with before, but I can certainly understand your hesitation here.

I think I will hold off sending in an order at this point until I hear of anyone else that has actually ordered from them and can comment on their plant quality.

Hopefully they get it resolved soon.

Thanks for sharing your insights.


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