Container for Brown Turkey?

garrai81March 2, 2014

I don't have room to plant a fig tree, but I have a southern exposure spot with gravel that might be a good spot for a fig tree.

A local store has potted 4' brown turkeys for $30.

Does this sound like a reasonable investment?

This would be for my son and myself to eat.

I have read about lots of folks having problems with figs in containers.


Portland, OR

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Just read your posting/question. The short and sweet answers...Yes, and containerized growing could be easy, but a containerized fig tree is NOT "care free". You must consistently provide everything that the tree will need. It would be like growing a houseplant....with the same routines of watering feeding, etc.

You don't say in your posting what you will do to over-winter the tree. Containerized trees need more protection from deep freezing as opposed to in-ground trees because of the restricted roots. Most growers will over-winter their trees in an unheated garage, etc.

Posted on this forum, and on Figs4Fun, are scores of threads that address your questions in greater detail. Read everything you can, and then you can decide if a containerized fig is the way to go. All my figs are containerized, and I have had great success growing them since 2007, however they CANNOT be neglected.

Also, while the "Brown Turkey" fig will do well, even at its best, will produce a blander, milder-tasting fig than some other varieties, which is fine, but there are better choices. I would opt for a good size "Black Mission" or "Hardy Chicago" before the "BT". The figs from these two varieties will taste far richer, have a more complex flavor profile, and, they'll do just as well in Zone-8, with protection. Both are available in garden centers and through mail order nurseries. Try: 'Ison's Nursery', 'Rabbit Ridge Nursery', 'Durio Nursery', 'Almost Eden Nursery', 'Petals From the Past', 'Burnt Ridge Nursery'...stay away fro "Ty Ty" aka "Arron's" and "Willis Orchards"...both are famous for sending mislabeled trees, and for having lousy customer service.

Hope this helps. Grow a fig tree. It's the only fruit tree that will give you almost instant success.


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Thanks for your comments.

I appreciate them.


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Hi Mac, I'm also in Portland.

You can grow a fig in a container here fine. You can probably leave it outside in the winter too. If you get the harsh dry east winds, move it somewhere sheltered in the winter.

Also check out 'desert king', which is one of the best growing figs for the PNW.

That said I also have a brown turkey myself - it has not fruited yet so I can't comment on the taste. My Brown Turkey is in the ground. I am not sure it survived last winter, but will know soon. It is planted in a very exposed location.

I also have a variety called 'Oregon Prolific', which is in a container and was somewhat sheltered on my back patio from the winter. It is still alive and looks well. Oregon Prolific has other names if you google. I have only heard of Portland Nursery selling it.

$30 is a decent price for good looking little tree. You don't need to mail order here in Portland. Figs are common in the local nurseries. I really like Portland Nursery on Stark, but other places stock figs too.

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Can I winter a Chicago hardy fig indoors in an unheated SUNNY sun porch? Everything I have read talks about overwintering in an unheated, DARK garage or basement. Will the sunny condition compromise the success of the wintering inside, or will it be beneficial?

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I have two Texas Everbearing figs that I overwinter in an unheated shed in N. VA (Zone 7A). I get good figs from them every year and the plantes remain small. I have brown turkey and celeste which are planted in the ground and have not produced ripe figs yet. The first frost catches them before they are ripe. I am trying to root Chicago Hardy, fico nero and nero nobili cuttings under lights in my basement. So far only the fico nero has rooted. Regarding the $30 price, I consider that high, but you will probably get fruit the first year. I have some brown turkey cuttings that I could trade you if you want.

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