Blotchy fig leaves

Irinel(4)March 24, 2013

Please give me advice on how to help my fig tree.The leaves are blotchy and the shape of the leaves has also changed strangely. We bought the tree "Brown Turkey" last year at a very good nursery, but I'm not sure what we are doing wrong. It is still in it's original container (4 gallons) and 3' tall. We have it inside at the moment, we still have snow on the ground and we live in zone 4-5, so we'll probably never plant it in the ground. In the summer we kept it on the porch outside. We gave it organic fruit tree fertilizer, but I don't know, if that helped. I also treated it with insecticidal soap against mites. Thank you so much.

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In zone 5, if containerized, it's good to let it go dormant in winter. I've tried both ways and trying to grow indoors in winter led to a constantly weak and unhealthy tree. Unless you have a good heated greenhouse or something like that.
Either way, sounds like FMV fig mosaic virus to me. There was a good post about it recently on this forum.

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