Dutch iris

marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern OntarioApril 27, 2010

A friend who doesn't have any gardening experience has given me some Dutch iris bulbs - 100 of them! From what i've read, they aren't reliably hardy here, and they should be planted in the fall (how come Costco is selling them in the spring, then?). I don't have anywhere to keep them cool, so i will probably have to plant them now. They can go in the garden in the southwest corner of the house and might do okay there, but i wonder how they will do being spring-planted.

Any comments or suggestions?

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These bulbs from Costco will do okay if planted now. They will not come back next year unless planted in pots or lifted. Also because the bulbs come out in march, check that the bulbs haven't gone soft or moulded. molded. (pick the right sp. lol.)

Last year I planted mine in pots early, like in March and they bloomed in June. They are very pretty. But my Dh dumped the pots after they died back thinking there was nothing left. lol.

How is everyone doing?, haven't posted here in a while.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Yikes - i don't want to lift 100 bulbs in the fall! I think i'll plant as many as i can in that corner and hope for the best.

Keep posting, Sierra - people are missing the "old" posters! Darn Facebook, anyway - and it isn't even about gardening there!

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