Wy is my Kadota fig so puny?

bossyvossyMarch 17, 2013

Years ago I bought a tiny Celeste fig and luckily I planted it in a place where there was plenty of room. I never dreamed it would be so big! Later on I planted 2 Kadotas and they both have been puny, puny. They get same care. Has anybody experienced similar? I figured if one cultivar grew big, others would, as well. Exception being those growing in containers, of which I have one--Panache. Rather puny and poor producer as well.

your comments are appreciated.

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Bossy, my 2 trees in N. J. are 9 and 7 feet tall, if I was to guess at your question, it would be maybe too much sun, and giving it partial instead, like 6 to 8 hours. My Kadotas supply me with top notch figs, it's worth the patience, wish you well with it, Sergio in zone 7.

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Maybe they weren't healthy to begin with. A picture is always helpful.

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here is a pic of my puny kadota. it was planted 2 springs ago and today it looks almost the same as when it was planted. it is healthy but, compared to my Celeste which got huge in 2 years, I consider the Kadota a puny tree. why?

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

That little ID tag near the base sure looks fresh for being out in the elements for two years bossyvossy. Just sayin.

If it were my tree and it really has been in the ground for two years I would do several things. First off I'd get rid of the stake. I would mulch it heavily and fertilize with fish emulsion. Is the ground compacted around it? Is it clay soil? Might not hurt to dig it out and re plant it a little higher in a raised mound and mix some compost in with the soil when you build the mound. Then mulch it heavily with wood chips or straw to keep the roots cool and damp in the summer heat. Sometimes when new trees are planted in heavy clay soil they will sit like that.

Finally, If it hasn't put on at least a foot of new growth by the end of this season...toss it and get another one.

That's what I'd do.

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I agree with all that. The stake is treated wood, could be leaching some unhappiness to the tree. If you feel you really need to stake it because of extreme wind, use untreated wood, metal, or bambo, and get it a little farther from the tree. Maybe use two stakes, farther apart and run a line between them or a seperate line on each. Just be sure to use something soft around the tree like cut hose or rubber coated plant tying wire sold at nurseries.

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