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dieselerMarch 1, 2010

There is a tiny root showing last night after 20 days total from start in cup its a panache stick. All i did was use what i had some perlite , cheap scotts seeding soil 4.97 for a 1.5 cubic bag, rinsed stick under the faucet water only . Prewet the potting and made hole in it and stuck the stick in it and put in my bin. Soon i try something else called aeroponics i have a lot of fun still.

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It is great feeling to see first root hiting container`s wall.I poted my cuttings on 02-18-2010 in clear plastic cups,hopefuly They start rooting soon.

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I was looking at it again today and there are roots on all sides showing now. Might take pictures in future.
Remis if all goes well in about 8 weeks i might have panache and preta if you do not have i will let you know if i get extras when time comes.
Best Health

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