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briana_2006March 14, 2010

Hi Al -

Thanks again to you and everyone for all the help I have received.

I believe I have found a local supply for the granite - Please see below.

The Gran-I-Grit package is marked grower.

Thanks again for your help.

I think I will have to cut the pine nuggets I have with the mower unless our local home depot has the product -- I have not checked there yet -- only lowes.

I have both garden lime and gypsum available for use

One other quick question -- since the gritty mix will have considerable weight due to the granite can smaller pots be used to hold the trees -- assuming more efficient uptake of nutrients? Refering back to the post titled pruning advice I have sort of a large pot holding that tree -- If iI fill the pot with the gritty mix I will definitely need a two wheeler to move it.

Is one of the advantages of this mix that a smaller pot can be used to hold down the weight issue so to speak?

Thanks again,


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The grit is exactly right - perfect.

The size of the pot should be determined by how much space you think the roots will occupy during the interval between repots (which includes soil replacement and root pruning). IOW, you can use a smaller pot if you plan to repot yearly than you can if you repot every 2-3 years. Your plant needs to be repotted when the root/soil mass remains intact when you lift the plant from its pot. Whether you repot at that time or not, depends on what you decide, but growth begins to be affected at approximately the time the roots get congested enough so the soil mass remains intact when you lift the pot.

If the gritty mix is properly made, it holds no perched water, so there is NO upper limit as far as pot size. You can grow even the smallest cuttings in an extremely large pot.

I don't usually consider the advantage of a weightier soil like the gritty mix because I usually choose container size based on the criteria I just mentioned, though there is sound logic in what you said about the weight.


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