Figs/black walnut

figsrfun(7b)March 19, 2012

Does anybody know or can confirm whether or not common figs are intolerant of the toxin associated with black walnut tress? Id like to plant figs in the vicinity of several old walnut trees but don't want to waste my time if they won't live. Thanks.

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Don't know the answer to your question, but don't blow a gasket if the Walnut trees are toxic to figs. Just grow the trees in containers...and enjoy the fruit of both trees.

Think outside the box! : ) YOU create the environment for your figs. Just side-step Mother Nature. Yes...figs ARE fun!


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Well if they are subject to any toxins from the black walnut trees please don't tell my oldest Brown Turkey Trees that have been producing about thirty feet from my Black Walnut tree since 1980.

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Thanks. Ive got 50 acres on which to plant the 65 or so trees I've either propagated or purchased over the winter so space is not the issue. Their is simply an area around the garden periphery where a few walnut trees stand and where I'd like to integrate a few figs if they are tolerant. There are many lists of resistant plants found online but no reference to figs found.

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