anyone brave enough yet

chills71(Zone 6b Mi)March 16, 2012

to start moving their big figs outside?

I keep wanting to, but then I remember its just MARCH...

I have a feeling some of them will make it out this weekend, regardless.


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LOL. Mine have been out since mid-Feb. But then I am in South-Central TX. And my in-ground trees were never covered :-)). Good luck!

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I moved mine outside yesterday here in Chicagoland, all 48 of them. I figure if it gets cold again I will just move them back in.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Most of mine remain in the garage, but I actually planted three in the ground over the last couple of weeks.

Temps are supposed to be in the low 30's tonight. Wish me luck...

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I moved mine outside last week. I only have one large (10 gall pot) so if I need to bring it back in (and I am sure I will) it will be easy. The leaves were starting to unfurl, I figured it would be much happier with some sun and rain. It is!

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I think that for the ones that are already starting to leaf out, it is the right thing to do. That way the leaves will adjust to full sun and not have any issues going from darkness to light.

I keep waiting for the forecast to change but it's still in the 60s and 70s 10 days out, and only mid 40s at night. So maybe this is it for the winter? Either way they will benefit from the extended season, and if I have to bring them in for a few nights, that's no biggie

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Mine have been outside for a week or more. I keep bringing a few out at a time. Its a challenge with around 75 figs to bring outside. I've even planted a couple larger ones outside for the first time. Spring is here to stay......I hope. :-)

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I couldn't resist as the weather is just to darn warm. I brought the container figs outside about a week ago. I also uncovered and stood up the inground fig trees. A couple of days ago, I planted the small containers (with holes on the sides so roots can spread inground). They are leafing out already here in CT. I keep a close eye on the weather forecast and am prepared to cover them if the over night temps get down into the upper 30s.

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