ginger57(z3)April 14, 2008

What are your favorite? Which would you never plant again?

I am going to be putting a few in this year and would appreciate some feedback

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I love all my various spireas, Nanking Cherries, cotoneasters for fall colour. It's not really a shrub but I really like Virginia Creeper. I totally love my ornamental maple but I don't know what kind it is.

Two I would not bother with again are Euonymus alata - it does ok for being so far out of zone, but is sort of boring because it doesn't get its proper fall colours in my yard. Also Forsythia is sort of a waste of time because most years the buds get killed off by cold and they only flower around the bottom where the snow covered them.

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Pudge 2b

Would definitely plant again Diabolo Ninebark, Mohican Viburnum, Golden Elder, Pocohantas Lilac or probably any of the Syringa hyacinthiflora's, Silver Leaf Dogwood, any of the Barberries, any of the Spireas but especially the bridal wreath

Can take it or leave it: Highbush Cranberry, Amorpha fruticosa (really nice in leaf but it leafs out late, blooms are beautiful and fragrant but are very quick to fade)

Would not plant again: Honeysuckle (older wood is horrible to prune), Sorbaria sorbifolia (false spirea, too out of control with its crazy suckering habit), Wegelia (blooms not reliable and otherwise ho-hum), Hakuro Nishiki willow.

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Pudge: How come you wouldn't plant Hakuro Nishiki willow again? I'm curious as I've recommended it to clients but don't have it myself.
I love everything Pudge does and am excited to try Coppertina Ninebark this year and I like Beauty of Moscow lilac as well. Loved my pink Hydrangea last year but we'll see if it made it through. I also like Nest Spruce and Blue Star Juniper and an old favorite, Mugo Pine.

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I would definitely plant more Elders, Diablo Ninebark, Mock Orange - because I love the smell, Preston lilacs and Weigelia. I have the Coppertina Ninebark but am waiting to see how it does. Marg

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I forgot Philadelphius/Mock Orange. I love that shrub! I agree with Pudge about honeysuckle, I have a zillion of them in my yard and they're ok but the older wood is like cast iron like Pudge says.

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Pudge 2b

Kate, perhaps after only one try I shouldn't be so quick to judge Hakuro Nishiki but I just don't think it's a strong enough cultivar for our climate. I gave mine a rather choice location, it didn't thrive so I moved it to another choice location and it still didn't thrive. I pruned hard, thinking that would jump start it into doing something - not too much. The next year or two I didn't prune, still not much. At the moment I just can't recall if I finally did trash it last year or (once again) decided to give it another year but after several years of hanging in there but not really doing anything too much, it's not on my gotta have it list. Maybe the plant I bought was a dud - sometimes that happens (like with my stupid Stella D'Oro daylily & divisions from the original that manages a couple of blooms a year and that's it), but I also haven't seen any nice growing specimens in other yards.

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Thanks for your insight. I was wondering the same thing and as an avid xeriscaper was reluctant to recommend it. Was it in a choice spot that gets lots of water?

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