Fig tree has fruit but no leaves

PamBSMF(9)March 27, 2012

We planted a black fig tree in the spring of 2011 and it did well last summer and produced a lot of fruit. To our surprise this spring, it has developed small figs all over the tree, but no leaves. Is this normal behavior? We live in Sacramento, CA.

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Thats probably the breba crop on plant this spring .
Some plants get 2 crops.

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Tree had vigorous growth but no fruit.
Location Asheville, NC
Tree is over 5 years old

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have you ever had fruit Moosebeshack ? could be too much shade too much nitrogen or not a producing variety. give the tree another year then if no figs do like jesus did and curse it but with your chainsaw and shovel or move to a sunny spot in the yard and give it a year.and see what happens. I have a friend in huntersville who said his winter was extremely mild this year so winter dieback should have been limited and by now your main crop should be coming out so I don't think the cold weather had anything to do with it. please keep us updated

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