How many of you grow old-fashioned roses?

lavender_lass(4b)June 14, 2010

I know a lot of us on the forum grow roses, but I was wondering how many grow old-fashioned roses? I planted several this year, hoping they'll do better with our harsh winters and short, hot summers. What roses do you grow? What are your favorites? Do you want to include a picture of a favorite rose? Do you have any favorite companion plants that you grow with your roses?

Thanks for responding. Not sure what would do well in our area, I ordered a few of several different types of roses (they were my birthday and Christmas presents this year. LOL) I have a few damasks, gallicas, ramblers, portlands, one alba, a couple of bourbons by the house, some rugosas, a few hybrid musks and a couple of polyanthas. Roughly half are once blooming and half are repeat bloomers. I'm really looking forward to them getting bigger and enjoying all the beautiful flowers...and the fragrance :)

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I have a couple. I have no idea what their names are. The red is my favorite. This big pink one, I was just talkign about yanking, because I didnt remember ever seeing it bloom.


The color on this one is more accurately a pale pink

This shows the more truer color


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Tammy, that is an old Damask rose I believe. I have this too, and we always called it "The Outhouse Rose" because it grew near our outhouse at home in town. I brought some with me when I moved to my own home in the country. I love it, smells just like rose talc powder.

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