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andrew78(6)March 28, 2010

Hello everyone!

I had checked this site out during the winter and was considering buying a few fig trees myself. I had looked into chicago hardy and brown turkey. Someone here had emailed me and offered to give me some cuttings but I lost the email. I am still wanting to give a fig another try. I had one a few years ago. I don't know what the variety was called but I know it was an italian fig. I lost it due to my lack of knowledge with figs. If anyone has any cuttings or small plants, please let me know. I would like 2 to start with. I would be willing to pay since I don't remember who it was who offered them to me this winter. I do remember they were from PA, but that is it.

Thank you,


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Hi Andrew,
Can you go into your account and set up your email so I can reply privately? I have some cuttings still in the refer and some rooted plants you might be interested in.

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Hello Sue,
Your from sunny California ha? Must be nice! I would trade places with you in a heart beat. It is 37 degrees in Western NY, cold and rainy! I made sure to have my email on for you. I don't understand why it was off in the first place. I have had it on for awhile. Oh well. My main interest is in tropical fruits but I also enjoy citrus and plumerias and now back into figs! I just got a 2-3 year old Oro Blanco from Four Winds and I also bought a 6ft Improved Meyer lemon. I have spent the money I had saved for adding to my collection now but thats okay.

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