Winter 2010,Fig Cultivars Cold hardeness results!

herman2_gwMarch 22, 2010

Today I inspected for Cold Damage and here are the results:

CULTIVARS left without protection at all,and came out with minimal damage are:

Hardy Chicago

Blue Celeste

Marseilles vs Black



English Brown Turkey

Sweet Georg


Tiny Celeste

Sal (Gene strain)

UCD Celeste


Paradiso White (Gene Hosey strain)


Lindhurst Wht



-Cultivars that came out with Minimal Damage,that were well protected ,with Blankets,leaves etc.:

Kathleen Black


Late Black

Brown Trk #2

DFIC 17 Brown Turkey

Henry Brown Fig

Green Ischia


Bronze Paradiso

Don Fortissi Black


Malta Black

Weeping fig

Pananas purple

These cultivars were younger in age,so,it is a very good sign,that they made it,if you look farther down,to see what happened to the rest of my fig cultivars in trial,wich at the last count ammounted to 120 cultivars in Total.


So I have 30 cultivars that are winner so far,at this point.

The rest wich ammount to other 90 cultivars,they are:

Dead to soil line or close to it.

A few will be totally dead included roots,but it will be a small fraction.

Also in this group are included about 30 new cultivars I planted in ground last Fall and I was expecting them to die to ground.

So at the present time I can say I have 60 cultivars that are not cold resistant,and 30 that are.

One in 3 cultivars I trialed is enough cold hardy for New Jersey climate.

This is true if the tree is protected from the cold for the first 3 years,of life,using whatever necesary,and a lot of love.


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Excellent information. Thanks for taking the time to share that information with this forum. Your fig trial work is much appreciated by many of us.


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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Herman, are Blue Celeste and Dark Celeste the same thing?
I'm so grateful to you for all the work you have done trialing these cultivars. I live in PA, the elevation is 1100ft. and it seems I'm in zone 5, I used to think wrongly that I was in zone 6. I have 3 little trees in pots on my enclosed porch, they were only covered with a rug to keep them in the dark. I uncovered them and I think all three made it, two for sure. Now I am rooting cuttings of what I was told are Dark Celeste.

I missed out on a couple of your Florea offerings, I'll keep watch for the next time you offer them, even if it's next year. I think that one would definitely work for me here.

It's such a pleasure to have access to all the wonderful information you post here, thanks ever so much.

Former NJ native now living in mountains,

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Mary:It could be,or it could not be.
Most Celeste are Dark figs,but some are darker than others.
For Example in the south,people have a fig called Black Celeste,wich is the darkest.

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Yes, Black Celeste is by far the darkest variety of Celeste. It is not very cold hardy even in my zone9 climate. My in ground tree has been winter killed to the ground for the last three years. Black Celeste is one of the few varieties in my collection of 100+ fig trees that has repeatedly demonstrated that it is not very cold hardy.


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Hello, new member and my first post. By way of introduction, I'm originally from So Cal where growing figs is an easy and tasty hobby. Having moved to Northern New Hampshire where no decent fig would dare to grow, my husband and I are now in Roanoke, VA which I believe is zone 7 or maybe 7a. Having said that, I tried to order a Mystery X online from the TyTy Nursery only to have my order cancelled because the product was not up to their minimum order. After finding this forum, seems it may have been a blessing. But I'm still on the look out for a fig tree that will be okay in my new home (or should I say yard). Thoughts? and thanks.

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My first posting totally adresses your concern!

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Hi Herman,
thanks for posting that information im sure your hard work is helping many folks.
Wishing you a wonderful season.
Best Health

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Thanks for sharing your results Herman,
I didn't have any die back with my in ground trees this year. Sal's El was wrapped, and had zero damage, as well as Blue Celeste and Brooklyn white. The trees that I left unprotected were chewed by Rabbits.
I kept the mice away using moth balls, except for one tree that I only put moth balls on one side, so the mice chewed half of it.

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Maybe I missed it in your post...but what were your minimum temps in Jersey this year? Also, did you have snow cover as protection during the coldest times?

In RI, we never really got below about 12 degrees this year. We usually go down to about -5 for at least a couple of days, but this seemed to be a mild winter.

Thanks for the great work.

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Minimum Was 10*F.
Yet it is not so important.
It is more important How long the cold spell last.
If it last long like this winter many will die to ground and it is what happened,in fact.
I have more Damage compared to any of the last three years,especially on the protected trees!!!!!.

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10*F is the most touted minimun temperature for figs.
Man, I wish that somehow God had raised it by (say)
another 5-10*F. If so, figs would be so much easier
here up-north USA.

Heck, one of these days, somebody may figure out how
to inject some genes that produce some "anti-freeze"
inside them. Something similar has been done with plants
making them insect-resistant, e.g., corn (aka maize).

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Herman, mind updating with 2011 results? I'm definitely interested in your results along with potential sources for purchasing the hardiest varieties.

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Lowest Temp. 0*F

In ground,no frost protection,no Damage:
Sal (Gene strain)
Marseilles vs Black
Blue Celeste
Hardy Chicago,(minimal tip damage)
In ground with frost,protection:
Most plants made it with minimal damage except:
Schar Amber:died totally
MD GT 6 died totally
Verdal Longue:Dead to soil line
Mission: Dead to soil line
Beall Dead to soil line
Ischia Black Dead to soil line
Hartford Hardy:Dead to soil line
Adriano Dead to soil line

Note :Some plants are young but the plants from Davis Collection,are over 7 years old:Ischia B,Beall,Verdal L.

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Our plants which were winter protected by covering with about 4 inches of soil, and came through without any damage from our minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit winter were Ronde de Bordeaux, Marseilles Black VS, Sal's Corleone, Violetta, Brooklyn White, and Hardy Hartford. Hardy Hartford and Marseilles Black VS had no damage what so ever.

Kathleen's Black, and Danny's Delight had the most damage. The damage that Danny's delight suffered really surprised me.

For us Hardy Hartford has proven to be one of our most cold hardy. The original plant took minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit in Hartford without winter protection, and was around eight feet when I took cuttings in March.


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Robert:Yes My Danny Delite(the brown one),also died ,and survived only about 5 inches from soil line.

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WOW!! Such great and important information.
I in warmer area , but thank goodness for you knowledgable "old-timers". Fred

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I was interested to see 0 degree as the low temp this year versus the 10 degrees last year.

Being in zone 6 (inland RI), I'm interested in the four that did well without protection. Could you recommend a reliable source for any of these varieties?


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Many People on The forum have these four cultivars because I traded cuttings with them.
I also sold cuttings on Ebay mainly from these four:
That is :Hardy Chicago
Sal (gene strain)
Blue Celeste
Marseilles vs black
These are 4 large trees,and of course I can take a lot of cuttings,so yes,I traded and sold them when I had a chance.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)


How thick are the trunks of your Black Celestes that they froze back? Were they young trees, or older trees?

Dalton said theirs don't freeze back up in Opelousas.

What is the difference between your weather and ours over here? I did protect my Black Celeste over the winter because you said it was not cold-hardy and I'm glad you mentioned it. Better to be safe than sorry. :)


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I am thinking of planting the
"white texas everbearing" since
many said this is a very productive fig tree.
But is it cold hardy enough for my zone 5
in Ontario, Canada with protection of blanket,
fallen leaves, pink insulation contained in
a big cardboard box?

Thanks for your reply!

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Fignewbe: WT ever bearing,will ripe too slow in Canada.
Protecting it is possible,but making it ripe in short Summer with low heat,is not possible.
Choose early ripening cultivars first,that are hardy.

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Hi, herman2:

Thanks for your comments on the WT ever bearing.
Do you have the Panachee variety of fig?
I would like to grow this fig since it is so cute
(like mini air ballon). Is it a slow ripe fig like the WT
Thanks again!

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