HAVE: Frangipani (Plumeria) Cuttings in Miami

vegbed_mia(10b)April 18, 2011


My cream/yellow frangipani tree is begging for a pruning but I can't bring myself to take the loppers to it without at least hopes of finding happy homes for the cuttings. All this gorgeous tree has ever asked for is full sun and south Florida weather.

For trade, I would be delighted with either seeds or plants of lychee, loquat (japanese plum) or passionfruit, but will probably accept anything lush and tropical, preferably sun-loving.

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I can find a home for some sticks. I'm afraid I don't have lychee, loquat or passionfruit. I do have dwarf mulberry, which is as easy to grow from sticks as plumeria. I'm about to do a major trim on it, so I can offer big, long sticks. I also have calamondin babies. It's a tiny, sour orange that is great in cocktails or as a marinade for fish, and it's no-care in Miami, but I have no idea how long these babies would take to bear fruit.
Hmmm. Let's see, what else do I have that might interest?
sapodilla seeds - I'll have to check to see if I've got any seedlings, but these often volunteer, so they must be easy to get growing. And it is the most amazingly sweet fruit.
Red dwarf ponciana seeds.
Queens Wreath seeds
A million century plant babies (actually, those are going out with the trash Monday unless someone says something. It bloomed next to a bees' nest and I swear every single flower was pollinated. There are 1.36 million two-inch babies. I've never seen anything like it.)
A rather large piece of a staghorn fern that never attached right and needs a new home (the other piece attached, so I'm thinking of just splitting them.)
I also have a kind of unusual croton - at least I never see it at HD. It's green/yellow with long, thin, weeping leaves. One six-inch stick rooted in water five years ago is now six feet tall.

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If anyone is doing plumeria cuttings this late - please contact me. I used to sell them at the flea market in Stuart and right now am having problems finding a good wholesale price. thanks

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postlethwait(10Lehigh Acres)

I live in Lehigh Acres on the west coast, outside of Fort Myers/Cape Coral. Just moved here and would love some Plumeria cuttings. If anyone has any in our area, please give me a shout. Thanks in advance

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