Success: Dan's Method

jenia(5b NY)March 17, 2010

I used Dan's method for all of my cuttings (after my first heartbreaking loss from overwatering) and have lost 5 cuttings out of more cuttings than I am willing to admit to publicly. Those 5 were all from the same batch, never put out roots and never sprouted leaves. Instead of molding, they just rotted and smelled like ammonia. I suspect that they froze during shipping.

I discovered that some varieties are much more sensitive to excessive moisture than others (Mary Lane seemed to be the most sensitive.)

Otherwise things have gone fairly well as you can see below.

C. J.

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Oh boy! You'll be loaded for bear when you come to the swap in Buffalo. Nice work, you inspire me.

Little John

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Your pics look like my xtra bedroom; I just have 60 cuttings going. My success rate is high also 90+% and my success was due to using Dan's techniques that he so generously shares. I think that washing the cuttings in anti bacterial soap and then a 10% chlorox dip is very important. Further, I bought Ebay cuttings and washed them and put them into the fridge. When I took them out I should have washed them again, but didn't and nearly all of those cuttings developed a little mold - I fixed it but I will be certain to wash the cuttings right before cupping.


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Wow! I have four bins and I know I have issues. Impressive. I also appreciate what Dan has shared and it has been both successful and helpful for me as well.

Re: Your second photograph. 1) How often do you water those cutting with nice leaves and roots (I suppose)? 2) Do you put them outdoors and bring them in at night or was that just to snap the shot in natural light?


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Your room looks like mine did last year with all of those stacked bins. Nice to see all of those new plants.


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jenia(5b NY)

Little John,

It's a long way from cupped cuttings to a fig swap...but even with a 50% attrition rate, I should have something to bring to the party.


I had some minor mold problems. I wiped the offending cuttings with a paper towel saturated with a 10% bleach solution. Everything but the one batch of cuttings survived with no problem.


I finger-test the cuttings every day for moisture and use a spray bottle (set to "stream" rather than "mist") to spot-spray the cups.

The light was from my unobstructed south-facing living room windows. I live in the sticks. After 30 years of living in NYC dungeons, that was was my one major concession to my sanity.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. We all owe you a lot.


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C.J., all I can say is WOW!!! Those look like they're coming along nicely. A beautiful sight. Congratulations! Tim

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Way to go Jenia!

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Thank you! I don't feel so obsessive now...I only have 7 bins full. ;-)


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Thanks for the posting CJ. I don't have as many rooted and good reminder for me & that is "Be Tidy".


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Way to go Jenia!

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