establishing new figs--how often to water?

girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)March 26, 2010

The rainy season appears to be over more or less. Typical weather patterns from the past tell me that it won't rain much for the Spring and not at all for the Summer. I have just planted two new fig trees, a Janice Seedless Kadota and a Tiger fig. So far the soil moisture is still at a good level but the weather is warming and dryer now.

I have one Black Jack fig in my backyard that is about 5 years old, seems well established. I did not water it at all last Summer and it grew well and produced a decent crop. However, about 3 seasons ago it must have gone dormant because I thought it was dead--I hadn't watered it that Spring. Fortunately it made a comeback the following season before it was dug out and discarded.

So now I am confused whether or not to water young fig trees throughout the summer, and if it will be safe to stop watering my newly planted Tiger and Janice Seedless Kadota figs in June.

Comments? Advice?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Mine is in a container, and is thriving on a drip system. It gets the same water as my pomegranate and citrus. I schedule it 3 times per week at 2 hours per drip session. In ground might be different.

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I grow all of my many figs trees in the ground in my zone 9 climate......

It is important not to let the soil around a young in ground fig tree ever get completely dry for the first year or two after it is planted. Keeping the soil moist will allow the tree to quickly develop a good root system. Keeping the ground moist around a young fig tree in dry summer months is actually more important to the tree's growth than giving it fertilizer........something a fig tree does not need a lot of. However, they will respond real well to light applications of 8-8-8 fertilizer sprinkled directly on the ground around the tree....and then watered in after each application.


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