juniperus horizontalis, groundcover and trailing down a wall

sluiceSeptember 28, 2011

Driving around over the weekend and saw this juniper cascading like a waterfall over this wall.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


how many times did you drive by it .. and never took note.. lol ..

perhaps that other guys post made you notice it ... lol ..

any idea how long they have been there???? looks like the building is post 70's .. maybe 80's????

thx for the pix ....


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One Juniper a day keeps the robbers away .
Keep 'em coming! (The Junipers,that is!) T.

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That's exactly it! Must have been by this place a hundred time before, and then after reading that other post noticed the junipers for the first time.

Question for the day:
Why are banks like conifers?

They have lots of branches.

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Good one! T.
Another one : Why are conifers like French motorways?
A: They are full of cones...

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