a sport

blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)September 23, 2012

Found this new variegated twig on my

Thujopsis dolabrata'veriegata'however

the white area has green mixed in could

this be a new sport?Its not solid white.

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

That's possible, but why did you cut it off completely?
You have to let it grow for a while to observe it first and then cut off a part for propagation, but never completely so you can go back for a second try if you'll not succeed rooting it at the first time...

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blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)

Ive stuck it in the mist so will root in a few
months here is a close up.

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Shoots like that are very common on Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata', that's how its variegation is normally exhibited.

I can't see that yellow portion persisting on that cutting either; as it grows, the yellow part (at the base of the new plant) will die and fall off as part of the normal cladoptosis that almost all Cupressaceae species exhibit. Of course other yellow patches of foliage will appear elsewhere on the growing plant in the future.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

cladoptosis: awesome word.

Still, good luck Euan.


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blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)

Hello Resin

Yes most Thujopsis I see planted are the variegeted

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I love the variegation. Good luck in getting it to root and remain a stable variegated plant.

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