Wild spiderwort??

flowergirl70ksJune 27, 2013

Does anyone have this in their flower beds? How on earth do I get rid of it?? Digging just makes it grow faster, its worse than bermuda grass.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

I'm afraid I plant it intentionally in my gardens. I love the deep blue shade of it's flowers mixed in with my Alliums. In my garden it just tends to go away on it's own every few years just as it plants it's self on occasion. Dig deep and try to get it all in one big clump. I dug mine up last year and put it in a pot which I left out in a shade bed the rest of the summer and winter. It survived with only a couple of stems and I just replanted it this past week. It's growing again.

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Yes the flowers are a pretty color, but this stuff is coming up like weeds, its everywhere, and I never even planted it, My neighbor did about 25 years ago in some wildflower seeds she had.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It drives me to the loony bin here. I cut it back to the ground and throw a few drops of weed killer on it. It's the only thing that seems to work. Digging has never worked for me.

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It looks like I will be crawling thru this bed with a little brush and some round-up, its everywhere. last year I only had a few.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I have some sort of spiderwort here that was here when we bought the Cottage a few years ago. I never noticed the clumps growing, and in fact I imagine they hadn't been touched in a good 5-10 years and were only maybe 2' wide (assuming they didn't plant themselves somewhere along the way). They have the standard purple flowers.

I actually got some pinkish red ones this year at a plant swap and some white ones last year from a roadside cart. So hopefully those remain as well behaved as the original ones! I also dug some of the purple ones and split the clump this spring and plopped some below a small stand of spruce. I figure that will keep them in check, if they do decide to suddley run wild. Of course, I also put some lily of the valley there too. That I moved from a place I don't want it, although it's been there ages I imagine so I'm sure I divided it rather than moving it, lol. I found out the original owner and the person most likely to have planted it carried it as her wedding boquet so I couldn't find it in my heart to (try) to remove it entirely.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Agree with memo to dig deep. If you have a lot of sprouts rather than clumps, perhaps a long handled bulb planter would help you get them out. Birds planted a Virginia spiderwort with dark blue flowers in the main sunny garden a few years back. Foliage looked familiar but didn't recogize it until it bloomed. Expanded fast in crumbly soil so I moved it under a maple clump on a slope in high shaded clay. Roots were a good foot deep, but it came up as a clump digging around it with a contractor's shovel. It sulked & disappeared, but regrew the following Spring & hasn't spread in several years. Guessing the harder soil, shade, competition with the fibrous maple roots & hellebore neighbors keep it in check. Still blooms from early Summer through frost. That tree bed is kept mulched with dried leaves all year. The hellebores manage to reseed & have made a nice colony, but the spiderwort has not. Perhaps mulching after you dig up the current batch would prevent any seeds from sprouting. You might try a glass tumbler upside down on any new sprout. In hot sun, that will sometimes fry a weed.

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This one is bright blue. I'm trying to get the ones that are blooming. The thing that amazes me is I didn't see any last year. that jar thing would probably work here right now as we are back in the over 100 days again. Last year we had over 54 days over 100. I guess I should be glad there is anything blooming. another real pest I have is perennial ageratum.

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