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sierra_z2bApril 16, 2009

Just a reminder that photos can be posted in the gallery right here on the far north forum. We all like to see photos of everyones garden. Spring is comming hopefully we can see more flowers and gardens posted.

What happened to the rest of the alphabit threads? I have enjoyed looking at Sharon's and Brenda's photos of their gardens, as well as the others that joined in on occassion.

Hey Marcia, I was waiting for you to post your series of weekly photos from your garden. Did you take the photos last summer? I tried but of course forgot after a couple of weeks.

Jean I know you have a beautiful garden, but I haven't seen photos for a long time.

Anyway, hope to see more photos of everyone's gardens in the future.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Never did last year, Sierra, but i do plan on doing it this year - and i hope i don't forget! LOL My computer is so slow that it's a real chore posting pictures. I'm hoping to rectify that situation sometime in the next little while - depending on how the old taxes go. :)

And in the past couple of years, a certain little Darius-flower has taken possession of my camera!

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Marcia we had pokey dial up for years. I finally gave up posting pictures in the gallery alphabet threads because it was so slow and I would time out and lose my connection. We just went wireless internet. We bought ours through Telus our telephone service but you can get a "air card" or as Roger's call it a " Rocket mobile internet stick" The monthy plan doesnt cost any more then dial up. If you can get cell phone service you can use one of these.You can get a cell phone booster if you dont get cell phone service.I am really happy with ours..Jean

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How am I going to know which plants I 'NEED' to buy this year? LOL!

Marcia, I am going to try again this year for the weekly photos. Hopefully we can do a better job. We need some kind of reminder.

Jean practice with that new air card. lol. Why am I singing Rocket Man after reading your post? hahaha.


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I am tempted to purchase an SLR just so I can take better pictures of plants.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Savona, i have high speed - it's the computer that's so slow. I can open a couple of tabs but Photobucket is really slow for me and tabbing back and forth takes ages. I need a faster computer so i can multi-task successfully, and since no one is handing me one, i might have to just go out and buy one! LOL

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Marcia, just an idea for you with photobucket.

Quite often I open up two or three Photobucket on the internet at the same time and have two or three pictures downloading at the same time. Sometimes Photobucket is extremely slow, yet othertimes it isn't. You just don't know when it will be either.

I also make a document in my computer with the urls and comments on each picture and then when I am done the certain alphabet letter I then copy and paste into the gallery. Sharon also does this I believe. It sure is easier to do and I can do bit by bit as I have time.

Yes, having a good camera makes a world of difference in the quality of the pictures of your flowers. My Canon is now almost 4 years old and I have taken almost 30,000 pictures with it. Of course, a lot of those pictures have been deleted. But the camera still works and still takes great pictures.


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

What happened to the rest of the alphabit threads?

I gave up because no one else was joining in.

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

Much as I enjoy looking at the pictures, I find the time it takes for the thread to fully open causes me to lose interest, especially after waiting and then finding only a tiny comment posted at the end. Some forums are set up so only so many posts can be added per page, hence you can go to the latest page instead of waiting for the whole thing to open. I have high speed, I can't even imagine how people on dial-up cope.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Brenda, i can't even open Facebook when i have another tab going. There's no way i could do two or three Photobuckets! Once i have a better computer, it'll be easier for me to join in, and i will use your idea about Word as well. :)

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Sharon, Well I like to look at the garden pics...I don't know about others....even if you are just posting your pics.

Brenda, that is an interesting way to post. I never thought of that. I haven't used photobucket in so long, I am not sure I remember how.

Do to circumstances with my bad neighbour last year, most of my photos were taken mid day in my garden....leaving me with photos with dark shadows and not very good. My photos were just basically documentory snaps, to show what was this neighbour was spraying roundup on many of the plants. I almost quit gardening because of this.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

They were spraying Roundup on YOUR plants?????

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Just for Sierra - the first garden shot of the year:

Nasty, eh? LOL Lot of work to be done there!

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Thanks Marcia, lol. I like the ladder in the garden. I have seen pics of a garden with several ladders in that garden, they were painted bright colours like purple, pink and yellow.

Yes, I have the neighbour from He.. He sprayed roundup over the fence many times last year. He killed my entire blooming bag wall of impatiens....19 bags. He also sprayed my lilac hedge at the back. Had his rain gutter from his house over my fence running into and ruining my garden. There were also many other issues with this a.. Makes it tough to garden or enjoy the garden. There may still be found damage as the snow leaves.

I wish I could see my garden like in your pic. There is still to much snow.


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Sierra, I can't believe the use of Roundup. I have seen pictures of your blooming bags, they are absolutely stunning when in full bloom. How jealous is he of your ability to garden? Wow. Can you take him to small claims court? Get a restraining order against him? Is there such a thing for neighbors?

I am posting the V's in a few the gallery. Be sure to check them out!! I have posted a picture of one of my favorite semps in there, Velanovsky. It is such a nice purple color with lots of white hairs on each leaf.

We have very little snow, if any on the top of the flowerbeds here in SW Manitoba. I will be outside as much as possible this week on the 3 days it is suppose to get into the low teens. I have shrubs to trim, grass to rake, flowerbeds to clean off, etc. etc. Lots of spring stuff to do.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Sierra, that's unbelievable. You should be contacting the police - what he's doing is vandalism.

If i painted my ladder it would be dark green. I like it the way it is, though, but i might have to do something to make it last a little longer. Oh, and that pile of snow on the other side of the driveway is hiding another bed. That one takes ages to bare off.

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Yes some measures have been taken. The scary thing is that they have started up again this year and we aren't even outside yet.

It is raining so hopefully that will take the snow down fast. I at least want to know the extent of the damage out there.

I find the problem with painting anything in the garden is that it has to be painted every year. So I wouldn't paint the ladder either. But the ones I saw painted were nice.
Painted trellis's are nice too, but you won't see me painting mine. lol.


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